Whimsical Sugarboo Designs - Available Now in Capitola June 13 2017, 0 Comments

Summer days are long, the beach is bursting with energy and the sun is high. Take time out to treat yourself.

Home Decor Elements to Add Whimsy

The hand crafted Smart Elephant Pillow reminds you that "Life is Beauty Full." The grey and yellow color scheme works well with a variety of home decor styles. The whimsical message and smiling elephant is sure to brighten up your day!

Bring calm to your home with a classic symbol. The Driftwood Peace Sign from Sugarboo Designs is made of bits of driftwood. It is a reminder that lots of different little parts make up a beautiful and unified whole. 

A home should be filled with love. The Metal Heart is one of our favorite pieces that we carry from Sugarboo Designs and home decor in Capitola. Reminiscent of the tin man, with a bit more luster, this piece looks great on a mantle or on the top of a dresser. 

Stacked Birds bring a bit of nature into your home. If you have ever watched a bird you know that they are interesting creatures. Birds forage in the ground and it makes you appreciate having hands. Let these two stacked birds help you appreciate all you have in your home. 

The Perfect Pouch for Your Goodies

Take everything you need with you to the beach in our "The Sun is Up" Canvas Bag. The lyrics on the bag will remind you to take it easy and appreciate yourself. 

The Irish blessing on our Wine Bag makes the perfect hostess gift for a summer party. Keep plenty of these on hand to make attending summer gatherings simple. 

Always Ready for Adventure

It is easy to get lost when you are out on an adventure. The Compass with Leather Pouch reminds you to have courage in what you do. No matter how tricky your path, you can always find due North and get back on track.  


Don't forget, summer can go by fast. With the Fungenda Notepad even the most basic chore will bring a smile to your face. 

Great Sugarboo Designs and home decor in Capitola

There are plenty of reasons to come shopping for Sugarboo Designs and home decor in Capitola this summer. For a new addition to the living room or something sweet to take on summer vacation, our team at Charley & Co. has just what you are looking for. 

Reclaimed Wood home décor in Capitola March 28 2017, 0 Comments

There is something romantic about reclaimed wood. The edges that have worn away hide a story, similar to how the history of two best friends is woven through time. You never know where the wood and the paint began, but you can be sure where it will be now. This season, enhance your home decor in Capitola with thoughtful reclaimed wood touches. 

Highlight Momentos

We all have that bottom desk drawer or box tucked up in the closet full of treasures that mark times gone by. Moments to be reflected on, kept close to us by the concert tickets, invitations, high school notes or other small relics that we held onto. This season, bring these items out and give them a special place with our Dryad's Dancing Molding Frame. Made from recycled molding the 4x6 frames show off special trinkets from your past. 

Dreaming of the Beach 

One of the mysteries of reclaimed wood is how it got that way. A very West Coast idea we love, is that it washed up on the beach. Days spent drying out in the sun with the salty air, what could be better! Bring in a little beach magic to your home with our starfish reclaimed wood wall decor. Pick up a few of these sea creatures and create an inspiring sea scene. 

For more home decor in Capitola, check out our Charley & Co shop. When you are looking for high-end, eco-friendly touches for your space, our shop has everything you need. 

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Attractive Culinary Gifts in Capitola March 21 2017, 0 Comments

When it comes time to own a home, one of the most exciting events is dinner with friends. Not having to go out may seem like an odd idea to the young set, but for those who have traveled, studied and worked hard to be where they are, they understand. Celebrate your accomplishments by investing in the perfect gifts in Capitola that will make the evening enjoyable and beautiful. 

Set the Mood

The first half hour or so of having friends over is about breaking the ice. Nothing is better at that than food. Setting out a great tray of snacks, dips or veggies gives guests an idea of what is to come and can be a conversation starter. A curved wine stave large relish tray holds all your goodies and looks beautiful on a side table. 

Everyone at Ease

When gathering for dinner, it can be hard to decide where to seat everyone. You want to make sure everyone can reach everything and no one has to reach over people. Our wine barrel Lazy Susan looks great and will put everyone at ease. With a simple turn of the tray all the dressings and sides are available for all guests. 

A Unique Touch

Both of these items are made from reclaimed wine barrels. If you desire, the vineyard stamp can be added to the bottom of the Lazy Susan. The hue of wood stained by the juice of grapes and the delicate rounded edges of both pieces makes them functional and beautiful. 

Treat yourself to home decor gifts in Capitola. You have worked hard to create a home and deserve high-end, eco-friendly things. Our Charley & Co. team will help you find the perfect item -- whether this is your first dinner party or fiftieth!

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Reclaimed Metal Signs found at your local Capitola Village Store March 14 2017, 0 Comments

"Sign, sign, everywhere a sign". This hot lyric from the Five Man Electric Band was popular in the 1970's and the message still holds true today. While we don't like signs as a way to keep people out, we do like signs as a way to invite people in and to decorate your home. A great sign can set a more relaxing mood, keep your kids safe and alert everyone that a four legged friend lives nearby. 

Pointing the Way to Relaxation

After a long day, who doesn't love a trip to the beach. The waves crashing against the sand can help you let go of the stresses of the work week. Even if you cannot get to the water out your back door, a vintage cast iron "Beach" sign is sure to inspire good vibes. Hang this great sign in the kitchen or bathroom and just imagine that the sun and surf are nearby. 

Protecting Kids and Pets

For those with young kids or pets, a gate is the perfect thing to keep a yard safe, while allowing ease of access. Having to tell everyone to shut the gate becomes a task on it's own. Decorate your yard with the "Please Close the Gate" vintage sign from our Capitola Village Store. This charming sign will get the message across in a polite and eco-friendly way. 

A Nod to Charley

At our Capitola Village store we are a fan of pets. Charley has been known to greet visitors on the hunt for the perfect gift. Our love of pets leads to our love of the "Beware of the Dog" vintage sign from HomArt. Even a puppy with a heart of gold can be a great protector. 

Whether you are putting the finishing touches on your yard for spring, or you are looking for something to add character to a room, check out our Charley & Co Capitola Village store. We have all the right signs to point you and your guests in the right direction. 

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Reclaimed Wood Home Decor in Capitola March 07 2017, 0 Comments

When you are looking for home décor, it makes sense to want to find things that will express your creative side. Right now, a hot trend is to shop for eco-friendly, reclaimed home décor in Capitola. With so many people jumping on this trend, you need to find things that will make your home stand out. This season, dare to walk on the walls and play with the laws of physics. 

Walk A Mile in Someone Else's Shoes

Hooks are a must-have in any entryway. For your keys, jacket, bags and your guest's items, hooks make sure you have a tidy entry that sets the right vibe. Instead of a standard rack, opt for the reclaimed shoe mold wall hook from our team at Charley & Co. We have sourced real shoe molds that were once the basis for what may have been your favorite kitten heels or boots. 

These fantastic hooks have all the nicks and scratches that come with being a shoe horse for years. As you come in from your long day at work, just think about the years of labor these lovelies have also suffered through. As a new bit of beauty in your home, they may make a hard day feel a bit more special. 

Defy Gravity at the Dining Table

When planning a dinner party, conversation starters are a must. For a bit of magical home décor in Capitola pick up a few of our wine bottle balances. Made from a reclaimed wine stave, these great pieces work as levers when slipped over a wine bottle neck. Balancing ever so delicately on the center of your table, your guests can debate over just how they work. 

When looking for new home décor in Capitola be sure to visit our shop. Our team, Charley included, is more than happy to help you find the latest high-quality, eco-friendly items that will be just right for you. 


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Richly Scented, Unique Gifts in Capitola February 28 2017, 0 Comments

Gift giving can be tough. If you do not know a person well, it can be hard to determine what they need. If you do know a person well, it may seem like they already have everything. This winter, take the stress out of gift giving by gifting your friends soy candles.

A Gift of Peace

Figs have long been seen as a sign of peace and prosperity. Dating back to Roman times, figs were a sign of luxury and beauty. As part of our collection of unique gifts in Capitola, we have wonderful fig-scented soy-based candles to choose from.

Our collection of Paddywax soy candles are clean burning and smell great. The jars that the candles come in are unique and perfect for placing on a mantel, on a nightstand or on a windowsill. For an "old-world" feel, consider the Paddywax Apothecary glass jar candle in chamomile and fig. This candle comes in an amber apothecary bottle that will add some charm to your decor.

For your artsy friends the Paddywax relish jar candle in fresh fig + cardamom comes in a fun mason jar. There are 2 sizes to choose from depending on if you want a candle to be the main gift, or a simple addition to a much larger collection.

Stay tuned for more Paddywax, with our newest arrival: The Alpine Collection, with a refreshing combination of Fig and Cedar!

For more unique gifts in Capitola, chat with our team at Charley & Co. We can help you find the right fragrance and style to suit even the hardest-to-shop-for friend on your list.

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Cocktail Kit Gifts in Capitola February 23 2017, 0 Comments

Once upon a time flying was a luxury. People would get all dolled up for a trip up in the air. Taking off on a jet plane was something you dreamed of and looked forward to. Today, not so much. All too often we see people heading to the airport in their sweats. Flying has become just a quick way to get places. If you miss some of the luxury of the olden days of flight, treat yourself to some of our luxury gifts in Capitola. 

Travel in Style 

When getting ready for your next flight, be sure to pack smart. Our in-flight cocktail kits bring back some of the glory of yesterday right to your seat back tray table. Mix up a cocktail for you and a friend and spend the flight sharing great stories. It is up to you if you also want to wear some fabulous baubles and big sunglasses. 

For those that fly in the morning, pick out the Bloody Mary Kit from our collection of gifts in Capitola. The kit comes with Bloody Mary mix, pickles, rimming salt, a jigger and bar spoon. All you need is to flag down the stewardess and order the alcohol. This is a great way to create a brunch vibe during the flight.

For those that fly in the evenings, the Moscow Mule Kit is nice and refreshing. At 30,000 feet you will have ginger syrup, a 1/2 oz jigger, bar spoon and linen coaster all at your fingertips. All you need is ice cold vodka and a fresh lime to bring this drink to life. 

The next time you have to take off on a trip, make it more special. Elevate your adventure with some special touches, like our cocktail kits. For more great gifts in Capitola, contact our team at Charley & Co. today!

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The Mason Shaker and W&P Cocktail Kit Make Unique Gifts in Capitola February 14 2017, 0 Comments

When looking for unique gifts in Capitola this winter, consider something for the foodie in your life. Gifting a friend or loved one with the chance to be creative in the kitchen opens up the opportunity for them to harness their inner chef and find a new hobby. Hopping on the mason jar trend, your gift will not only be timely but it is a great green way to unleash a culinary genius.

Our Cocktail Kit by W&P Designs is the perfect thing for the friend who likes to have it all at their fingertips. The stylish canvas and leather mason bag holds your mason shaker, W&P muddler, W&P jigger, cocktail napkins and four glass Picardie tumblers. The only thing that you need to supply are the liquid infusions. With this by their side, the perfect afternoon picnic or Sunday hike is just waiting to be planned.   

For those friends that prefer to entertain at home, gift them with The Mason Shaker. Our 32 ounce mason shaker is a 4-piece classic that will remind you of the comfort of the South. Let everyone choose their own special concoction, then mix up a drink for yourself!

For more unique gifts in Capitola, reach out to our team at Charley & Co. today! We have everything you need to mix up a stylishly good time. 


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Reclaimed Metal Pig & Rooster Are Unique Gifts in Capitola February 07 2017, 0 Comments

When shopping for a friend it can be so tempting to scan her social media page, see what she has been liking and just pick up the latest version. However, shouldn't part of the fun of gifting be in the hunt for something special and just right for the honoree? When looking for unique gifts in Capitola, our Charley & Co. team has found great reclaimed metal decor that you are sure to love!

Unique Eco-Friendly Gifts

Opting to gift a friend a reclaimed metal decor piece shows that you are not only a savvy green shopper, but you know that the gift should be as unique as the person that it is for. Our Reclaimed Metal Rooster is one of a kind, made from a reclaimed metal drum. From the copper patina to the shape of his beak, this little guy will add visual interest and homespun charm to any room.

For a friend that may have made the move to Capitola from the Midwest, our Reclaimed Metal Pig from HomArt is a great shout out to life on the farm. Handcrafted from reclaimed metal oil barrels, no Wilbur or Babe will be the same. Placed on the bookshelf or walking along a window ledge in the living room, his perky nose and curly tail will make you smile all the way home. 

For more unique gifts in Capitola, contact our Charley & Co. team today!  

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Moscow Mule Copper Mug & Enamel Cocktail Tumbler January 30 2017, 0 Comments

For every great drink there is an equally great story. Take the Moscow Mule for example, where did it come from and was there a donkey involved? Well, no, but the story is a pretty good one and we invite you to grab a glass (or copper mug) and learn more.

According to Esquire, the Moscow Mule came when three guys ponied up to the bar in 1946. A down on his luck Smirnoff Vodka salesman, a ginger beer making bar owner in Hollywood and a businessman with a great copper mug all crossed paths at just the right moment. One fateful day ginger beer, vodka and a lime found their way into that frosty copper mug and the mule was born. Perhaps it was to carry these three men to success on its back.

Whether or not this is all true, is left for the ages and great vodka aficionados to decide. For you, our team at Charley & Co has the perfect Moscow Mule Copper Mug. The beautiful copper color makes it the centerpiece of any table and it is a great find for unique gifts in Capitola if you have a fan of the Moscow Mule in your midst.   

For those in your company that prefer cold drinks with other spirits, the Enamel Cocktail Tumbler will have them feeling equally special at your party. This is a great cup to hold an ice cold ginger beer or root beer. 

For more unique gifts in Capitola, with a spirited story behind them, contact our team at Charley & Co. today!


Grapefruit body lotion, Grapefruit scrub & Grapefruit candle January 19 2017, 0 Comments

Don't let the gloom and doom of winter get you down! When skies are grey and you are feeling low, raise your spirits with a little citrus magic. It has been shown that the sense of smell has a strong correlation for helping you recall positive childhood memories and days when the sun was high in the sky. Additionally, if you are suffering from allergies, citrus helps open up the airways. Whatever your motivation this winter, banish the gloom with the bright smell of grapefruit.

Our Charley & Co. gift shop Capitola has everything you need to feel chipper in the winter. Start out by setting the mood in your home with our hand-poured, organic soy grapefruit candle. Let the smell fill the air as the flame flickers in a frosted glass jar cute enough to display anywhere.

Your house should not be the only thing to smell good. Scrub away bad vibes with our Grapefruit Gypsy Sugar Body Scrub. Made with grapefruit essential oil, shea butter and coconut, your skin will feel utterly pampered. Don't forget to scrub your heels, spring is just around the corner!

Finally, treat yourself with some Grapefruit Gypsy Body Lotion from the most pampering gift shop Capitola has. Our team found the happiest lotion, made with shea butter, olive oil, lavender, verbena and aloe. If you are feeling tight and dry from the winter weather, apply this lotion after using the sugar scrub in the shower for a fresh spa glow.    

This winter let our Charley & Co. gift shop Capitola team banish your blahs with bright and juicy grapefruit!

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Sea Turtle and Ceramic Candle January 12 2017, 0 Comments

When creating a welcoming home, it’s the little touches that make a big difference. For those looking to create a relaxing space, go green with eco-friendly décor that tells a story.

Reclaimed Wood Wall Décor

Reclaimed décor is a wonderful way to add character to your home. Each piece is unique and has its own weathered character in a myriad of beautiful colors. Our sea turtle, by Dryad’s Dancing, will bring a bit of the beach into your home. This piece has movement, is full of rich hues and makes a great statement.

Soy-Based Candles from Paddywax

A great scent makes your home inviting. These candles give off a soft glow and fill the air with delightful fragrance. The Paddywax Provisions Ceramic Candle is made with soy, which is less toxic and burns cleaner than traditional wax candles. The Strawberry Balsamic variety is one of Charley’s favorite scents. 

Whether you are designing a new home or just changing your décor for the new year, our team can help you find something that is eco-friendly and fabulous. Head in to our Capitola shop, or check out our online selection today!

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Reclaimed Wood & Reclaimed Metal Home Decor January 02 2017, 0 Comments

There is a trend going on now that is built on the idea that you should get rid of clutter. Purge your dresser drawers, your kitchen cabinets and your bookshelves in order to bring a sense of inner peace and harmony. While this is a great idea overall, what will be left? When you look around the room, the things that fill the spaces should make you smile; a great piece of home decor can speak volumes about the space that you want to create -- and is worth having. 

Reclaimed Home Decor

Reclaim your space by filling it with pieces that tell a story and have a history. If your preference is to be eco-friendly, look for items that were once used in a different way and have been remodeled into bits of beauty. Reclaimed home decor items from Charley & Co come from metal drums, barn wood and wine casks. These items, oftentimes, were once utilitarian. And now, their softer side has been brought to life. 

For those that love the beach, a reclaimed wood starfish brings great color and character to a room. Hanging a starfish over the doorway to the living room sets a calming tone and reminds us of early morning sunsets with soft wave sounds (even if they are coming from your computer) crashing in the background. 

For those that like a little whimsy, a reclaimed metal whale riding the surf on your desk will bring a smile to your face on a stormy work day. This little blue wonder will have you feeling like a sailor, straight off of the Pacific Coastline, ready for adventure. Whether you are chasing your white whale -- or chasing a deadline -- your desk pal will be there to lead the way. 

At Charley & Co we strive to bring creative and eco-friendly pieces to our Capitola store and website so that you can continue to add to your collections at home. Find something you love to add a little more warmth to your home today!

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Lazy Susan and Pomegranate & Spruce Relish Jar Candle December 30 2016, 0 Comments

When inviting friends over for a great night in, it's important to set the mood. You know that you can cook, and that you're in good company, the only thing that may be missing is the ambiance. Great decor elements act as conversation pieces and help your guests let go of the stresses of the week to settle in for a great night with friends.

Eco-Friendly Home Decor

Reclaimed items are wonderful. Not only are they the green choice, but they also serve a purpose and have a story to tell. The wine barrel Lazy Susan from Wine Stave Designs is made from a wine barrel sourced from a local vineyard. Each piece is unique and comes with the stamp of the winery where it first started out.

To bring the ambiance of a winery to your home at dinnertime, set the table with a rustic tablecloth and place the Lazy Susan in the center. Then, arrange a few tasty cheeses with their own knives and pop open a bottle from a local vineyard. The food and drink tell the story of your neighborhood.

Of course, do not forget to set the mood with great scents. Walking through the door, the smell of pomegranate and spruce adds a natural sweetness to the air. The Paddywax Soy Candles from Charley & Co. are clean burning, and create the right ambiance without a lot of soot.

It's all the little things that help you express your personality and create a night your friends will treasure. When planning your next dinner party, visit the team at our Capitola shop to find the perfect eco-friendly, high-quality touches.

Small Relish Tray & Large Fruit Tray December 14 2016, 0 Comments

The New Year is the perfect time to make all of those lifestyle changes you have been dreaming about. From big changes to little, it's not the size of the action that matters, but accomplishing the goal that is important. One of the things that people say over and over is that they want to be better to the planet and they would like to "go green". Make 2017 the year that your style takes on an eco-friendly hue. 

Reclaimed Wood Decor Has a Rich Past

There is a luxury to reclaimed wood that you cannot find elsewhere. The grain of the wood tells a story about the life of the tree that it came from. Perhaps the piece had a former life as part of a romantic boat built for two, as a wooden barn post or was once a plank on a dance floor from a time gone by. Reclaimed wood is the lucky piece that gets to fulfill resolutions and become something new. 

As the centerpiece on a New Year's table, consider the small relish tray and large fruit tray from our designers at Charley & Co. Crafted from the stave of a wine barrel, these pieces have a rich hue, thanks to their years spent turning grapes into great varietals. Today these pieces are perfect for serving up homemade hummus, holding fresh berries or providing a pedestal for candles.

Be better to the planet by setting a better table. Bring some new items into your home that have a rich past to remind yourself that everything has the opportunity for change. Browse our collection of reclaimed wood decor online or at our Capitola shop to find the perfect green touch for your home today! 

Metal Beer Sign December 08 2016, 0 Comments

The holidays are upon us, and that means it's time to start finding gifts for our friends and loved ones. This is often easier said than done!

The perfect gift usually incorporates a person's passions, hobbies and values -- as well as their personality and style. Sometimes, it's about practicality. And other times, it's about fun. 

If you are looking for gifts for people in your life who appreciate eco-friendly products, are passionate about recycling, and appreciate unique items that can't be found in a big-box store, then Charley & Co. is the place to shop.

metal beer sign

Charley's Pick: Metal Beer Sign

For this week's Charley's Pick, we offer the perfect gift for the beer lover in your life. This reclaimed metal sign is distressed, eco-friendly and can either be hung on a wall or set on a table or shelf. The sign has a rustic look to it, but is versatile enough to fit with a variety of decor.

Charley & Co. has a wide variety of home gift items. Whether you are looking for something fun and funky, like this amazing beer sign, or something soft, whimsical or understated, you'll find it here. 

You can shop online or come visit us at our Capitola Shop. And, we offer custom designs, too! Talk to us about creating something special just for you.

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Wine barrel wine rack & Paddywax Library glass candles November 30 2016, 0 Comments

Each week we highlight products and designs that we think you'll love to hear about. Whether you are looking for a gift for a loved one, something special for your home or wanting to purchase products that are environmentally friendly, Charley & Co. has something to suit your needs.

This week, we have two products that are beautiful, functional and perfect for gifts or for yourself.

Wine Stave Designs -- Wine Barrel Wine Rack

Looking for a functional tabletop wine rack to display some of your favorite bottles? These racks by Wine Stave Designs are beautiful, rustic and unique pieces that will look lovely in your dining or party area and will get plenty of compliments! Each one is unique, and the design is both rustic and modern; it will fit in with a variety of decor.

Paddywax Candles

Paddywax makes a variety of high-quality candles, but these library glass candles are unique. They are named after famous authors and hand-poured into decorative glass holders. Try the 'John Steinbeck' or the 'Ralph Waldo Emerson.'

Paddywax candles are long-burning soy candles in reusable decorative containers and come in a variety of fragrances. These library candles are the perfect gift for your favorite bookworm or nice when you want a little something special for yourself.

That does it for this week's Charley's Picks! For more re-purposed and reclaimed products, come down to our Capitola shop, or browse our website. We also offer design services and custom pieces. Contact us for more information. See you soon!

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Paddywax Apothecary Candles & Wine Barrel Stave inverted candle holder November 24 2016, 0 Comments

Reclaimed and re-purposed furnishings, decor and functional items aren't just smart and eco-friendly, they have a unique beauty that newly created products just don't have. At Charley & Co. we love items that are re-purposed, and you will find a unique collection of home decor, art and furnishings all made from high-quality reclaimed materials and objects, as well as items that are crafted from natural materials and more. This week, we present items from Wine Stave Designs and Paddywax Candles.

Wine Barrel Stave Candle Holder

First, we have this rustic and unique candle holder design that holds five glass tealight candle holders. It's made using an inverted wine stave and looks amazing on a mantle or table. As these are made using authentic wine staves, no two pieces are alike. 

Paddywax Candles

These soothing candles come in a variety of fragrances and are high-quality, hand poured soy wax. They come in a reusable gold tin and each candle is 2 oz. Enjoy the aromatic Chamomile and Fig fragrance at home or on the go. Paddywax candles make great gifts and come in a variety of sizes and scents.

That's it for this week's Charley's Picks! Don't forget that Charley & Co. also offers design services and creates custom, made to order furnishings from reclaimed materials. Stop by our Capitola location, or shop with us online.

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Moscow Mule Copper Mug & Moscow Mule Cocktail Kit November 17 2016, 0 Comments

The air has grown crisp and the mornings and evenings are getting chillier, fall is here and winter is on the way! This means it's time to pull out your favorite sweaters and boots, and it means it's time to enjoy cold-weather beverages and foods.

It's time to check out what's in store with Charley's Picks. Periodically, we choose items to feature from our Capitola and online shop. 

Here's this week's offerings:

Moscow Mule Copper Mug

This classic copper mug is the perfect vessel for your Moscow Mule beverage during the holidays. It has a food-safe lacquer coating so it stays shiny and new, and it washes up easily. It's a stylish and festive mug for a stylish drink, and since you are a stylish person, this mug is for you. Of course it makes a great gift, too.

Ideal for everyday use, parties, picnics and weekends at the cabin, order this Moscow Mule Copper Mug today! The mug holds 16 ounces and is sold individually.

moscow mule copper mug

Moscow Mule Kit

Will you be flying this holiday season? Or do you have a friend or family member who is a frequent flyer? You can get this super cute travel kit either for yourself or as a great gift for the person who is difficult to buy for.

The kit comes with everything you'll need to make the perfect Mule, and comes in a compact tin that you can pop in your purse, tote or carry-on bag. Kit contains: Ginger syrup, 1/2 ounce jigger, bar spoon, linen coaster, bar spoon, recipe and travel pouch.

The Moscow Mule Cocktail Kit

For more great gift ideas, check out the Charley & Co. website or come down to our Capitola shop. 

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Reclaimed metal bird & Paddywax Library Tin Candles October 31 2016, 0 Comments

Are you thinking about holiday gifts for friends and loved ones? Or, does someone have a birthday coming up? Maybe you are looking for something special for your home? No matter what the occasion, Charley & Co. has you covered with a collection of delightful artwork, functional, decorative pieces and lovely gifts.

In the spirit of Halloween, we are featuring a quirky and whimsical offering from Homart that you will absolutely love, as well as a popular Paddywax Candle.

Homart Reclaimed Metal Bird

We just love products crafted from reclaimed materials, and Homart always comes up with the best decorative pieces for the home. These beautiful reclaimed metal birds are perfect for the home, adding character and fun to your living room or any room. These fantastic blue birds are made using reclaimed steel drums, and each one is unique! 

Paddywax Candles

Next up, we just love these Library Tin Candles. From the Library Collection, these cute tins are named after famous authors. This week we feature Edgar Allen Poe. The candles are high-quality, long-burning soy and are hand-poured into decorative, reusable metal tins. These are perfect stocking stuffers!

Stay tuned for more picks from Charley, and feel free to browse our site, stop by our shop or contact us for information on design services, custom work or gift ideas, we'd love to hear from you!


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Mellow Yellow - soy candle October 18 2016, 0 Comments

No matter how crazy life gets, you can take a few moments to slow down, relax and breathe. One way to do that is to light a scented organic soy candle. Candles have a way of signaling our brain that it's time to take a break. Whether it's tapers on the dining room table, or a candle at bath time, it creates a mood.

Aromatherapy is another way to create a mood, relax and rejuvenate. Combine the two and the results are magical!

Mellow Yellow Organic Soy Candle

Hip & Chick Organiks candles are made from pure soy and fragrance that comes in attractive, reusable jars. And, they're from a locally owned Santa Cruz, California company!  The fragrances are beautiful, and they burn for approximately 45 hours. This week we highlight their Mellow Yellow fragrance, an intoxicating blend of hibiscus and passion fruit. The scent is fruity and sweet and will put your brain in happy mode.

If you love the scent, it is also available in body lotion, scrub and wash.

Other Hip & Chick fragrances include Maui Wowie, Purple Haze and Grapefruit. These candles make great gifts, although you'll want to keep them for yourself, so you'll need to buy two of everything!

These are just a few of the wonderful gift and decorative items you'll find at Charley & Co. 

Whether you are shopping for your home or for a special gift, Charley & Co. has that unique piece of home decor that is a perfect addition to any room. Shop online or  visit us at our Capitola store.

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Purple Haze - soy candle October 06 2016, 0 Comments

Who doesn't love a spa day? The problem is that work, kids and other responsibilities get in the way of relaxation and downtime. After all, every day can't be a spa day, or can it?

With aromatherapy, you can create a peaceful retreat in your home. Fill the tub and light a Hip & Chick Organiks soy candle and you will be in for a treat. For maximum relaxation potential, make it the Purple Haze candle, and let your tensions melt away.

Hip & Chick Organiks

Hip & Chick Organiks handcrafts delicious-smelling candles and bath products with the finest ingredients and fragrances. This organic soy candle is hand-poured, features an organic cotton wick, and boasts a 45-hour burn time.

All candles come in a reusable and attractive glass jar. The fragrances are meant to transport you to your own little mini-retreat, and the Purple Haze fragrance is rich with Hungarian Lavender that's meant to soothe and calm.

We love these candles -- and you will, too!

soy candle

More Hip & Chick Products!

If you love the scent of their soy candles, you can indulge even further with their line of bath and body products. Each scent is available in lotion, scrub and wash, so you can truly indulge!

Find The Perfect Gift At Charley & Co.

If you are looking for something unique for that special someone on your list, shop Charley & Co. either online or in our Capitola shop. You will find one-of-a-kind art, home decor and functional accessories that are useful, eco-friendly and beautiful -- including custom creations handcrafted from reclaimed and re-purposed materials. If you are shopping for that eco-friendly someone who has everything, Charley & Co. is a one-stop destination!

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Maui Wowie - soy candle September 28 2016, 0 Comments

More Luscious Charley's Picks For You:

This week, let's talk more about the amazing Hip & Chicks products. The spotlight this week will be on their oh-so-yummy Maui Wowie organic soy candle, as well as their complementing products.

Maui Wowie -- A Vacation In A Jar

Summer is coming to a close, but you still feel like you need a vacation. Aside from hopping on a plane and spending a week or two on the islands, your next best bet is to light up a tantalizing Maui Wowie soy candle

The scent is pure heaven. Coconut and pineapple is a combo that immediately puts you in a different mindset, no matter what the outside weather. Turn on some tropical-inspired tunes and you can leave all your troubles behind. The touch of cilantro in the mix gives a unique and refreshing aroma that will leave you relaxed and invigorated at the same time.

This hand-poured organic soy candle burns approximately 45 hours. They come in a reusable glass jar.

soy candle

If you just can't get enough of this delectable scent, you can also enjoy it in lotion, body scrub and body wash form. 

Enjoy More Fragrances From Hip & Chick Organiks

Indulge in the full line of organic soy candles with fragrances like Grapefruit, Mellow Yellow and Purple Haze.

Find More Gifts At Charley & Co.

For artisan crafts, reclaimed works of art and custom furnishings and home accessories, come by our shop, or visit us online at Charley & Co. Stay tuned for more picks from Charley!

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Homart / Reclaimed Metal - Office-Iron Sign & Reclaimed metal cow September 15 2016, 0 Comments

This week's Charley's Picks are brought to you by HomArt. This company crafts artisan decor and accessories using reclaimed metals. Their high-quality items will add that unique, decorative touch to your home or office. 

Iron Office Sign

Direct guests or customers to your home office or business with this clean, classic-looking sign. Made from reclaimed metal, the Office sign is hand-painted and has a durable finish that will keep it looking good for years to come. It's easily mounted and looks great on doors, gates or wherever else you need it.

Reclaimed Metal Cow

Made from reclaimed metal drums, this rustic-looking metal cow sculpture is perfect all on its own or paired with other reclaimed metal sculptures. Adds a unique, decorative touch to the living room, den or office. If you need something special for your space, or are looking for a fun, eco-friendly gift, this reclaimed metal cow is perfect.

Find more items like these online at the Charley & Co. website, or come check out our Capitola shop. You'll find decorative home accents of all kinds. Learn about our custom-built furniture, and commission a piece for your home. We use the finest quality reclaimed materials to create beautiful, functional pieces. 


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Hip & Chick Organiks Candles September 08 2016, 0 Comments

For this week's Charley's Pick, we have lovely, delicious and high-quality soy candles from Hip & Chick. Are you looking for the perfect gift for your best friend or sister? Or perhaps a little pick-me-up for yourself? Either way, you'll love these candles.

Hip & Chick Grapefruit Candle 

Hand-poured soy wax starts things off, and is then scented with the citrus-y sweet fragrance of grapefruit. The candle has a cotton wick and a 45 hour burn time. Finally, your soy candles come in a super cute and reusable glass container.

Other scents include:

  • Maui Wowie: A luscious blend of pineapple and coconut with a splash of cilantro.
  • Mellow Yellow: Hibiscus and passion fruit create a sweet and serene ambiance anywhere in the home.
  • Purple Haze: Is it time for some serious relaxation? Let the scent of Hungarian Lavender wash over you and say goodbye to tension.

Aromatherapy has a proven positive impact on the mind and body. Scented candles are a great way to add atmosphere while infusing your home with gorgeous scents to suit your mood.

The best part about these Hip & Chick candles is that they have corresponding body scrub, lotion and body wash! Stock up for yourself and a friend.

The Best Gifts Are At Charley & Co.

Whether you are looking for soy candles, wall hangings, reclaimed wood decor or bar ware, Charley & Co. is sure to have the perfect gift for that special person. 

If you are looking for custom furnishings made from recycled materials, design services or ideas for incorporating eco-friendly designs into your home or office, come to our shop or contact us by phone or online.

Stay tuned for more Charley's Picks!

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Homart / Reclaimed Metal - No Smoking iron sign / Reclaimed metal rooster August 25 2016, 0 Comments

If you are looking for unique home decor for yourself or for a gift, Charley & Company has tons of options. This week's Charley's Picks offer two options for gift-giving or a new addition to your own decor. One is purely whimsical and the other more practical, but they are both decorative and timeless ways to accent the home or office.

Reclaimed Metal Rooster

Made from reclaimed metal drums, no two pieces are alike. Crafted with love by Homart, you'll love these unique additions to your home. This rustic rooster looks great in the kitchen or dining area, or in your living room or den. Great gift for those who appreciate unique, eco-friendly home accents.

Reclaimed Metal "No Smoking" Iron Sign

Kindly remind visitors, tenants or customers that there is no smoking with this No Smoking iron sign. This sign is easily mounted, and is perfect for a residence or business. The sign is hand-painted and crafted of reclaimed metal, so it is eco-friendly, as well.

Charley & Co. is your destination for earth-friendly home decor, gifts and furnishings. Here you'll find unique and functional art as well as custom designed furnishings. If you need something for your home or business, talk to us about our design services. We use high-quality reclaimed materials, and you can even provide your own! Visit us in our Capitola shop, or online.

Stay tuned for more Charley's Picks!

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Dryad's Dancing - Molding Frame August 18 2016, 0 Comments

Reclaimed materials have a beauty all their own. They can create functional pieces for the home, decorative accents and other objects of beauty. This week's Charley's Pick is a beautiful frame brought to you by Dryad's Dancing. 

Molding Frame

This lovely frame is created with sections of reclaimed molding. The frame holds a 4X6 photo, showcased beautifully by the repurposed molding. Each frame is unique, and has a weathered patina that lends a rustic, yet elegant, appeal. The molding is approximately 4" wide, and makes your photo really stand out.

The Molding Frame is lovely on a mantle or desk, and perfect for any room in the home. It also makes a great gift.

Reclaimed Decor And Furnishings

If you are looking for unique decor, look no further than Charley & Co. You'll find wall art, functional pieces crafted out of reclaimed items such as wine barrels, and handcrafted textiles and sculptures. Whether you are shopping for yourself or searching for the perfect gift, you'll find something to love at Charley & Co.

If you are seeking furnishings for your home, ask about our custom design services, shop with us at our website, or come into our Capitola shop.

Stay tuned for more great ideas from Charley!


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Reclaimed Wood Wall Decor August 11 2016, 0 Comments

This week's Charley's Picks brings you some beautiful wall art created by Dryad's Dancing. These pieces are a beautiful addition to your home, and have a rustic, coastline vibe that is perfect for your weekend getaway. Or, why not turn your home into one that looks and feels like a weekend getaway?

Each of the following are crafted from reclaimed barn wood. No two are alike, but they are all equally beautiful and come in a color palette that will compliment your rustic, beach-cottage decor.

Reclaimed Wood Wall Decor: Whale

This charming whale fits beautifully into your coastal-themed decor. He's whimsical and fun, and looks great above the sofa or in an entryway.

Reclaimed Wood Wall Decor: Starfish

Who doesn't love Starfish?! Like the whale, each Starfish is unique and made from reclaimed barn wood. They're perfect for your beach-themed bedroom or bathroom.

Reclaimed Wood Wall Decor: Sea Turtle

Whether you're collecting all three pieces or choosing just one, you'll be hard pressed to find something more adorable than this reclaimed barn wood sea turtle. Like the others, these turtles are one-of-a-kind. 

These ocean-themed pieces are a well-made, beautiful compliment to your home on the coast -- or anywhere else in the world. If you have a love for cottage chic, rustic or ocean-inspired decor, then you'll love this collection by Dryad's Dancing. 

Looking for more decor made from reclaimed materials? Check out the Charley & Co. website, or visit our Capitola shop. We would love to see you! Stay tuned for more Charley's Picks.

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W&P - Cocktail Tote & Mason Jar Tap May 26 2016, 0 Comments

This week's Charley's Picks features fun, stylish necessities for an on-the-go cocktail party. Think picnics on the beach, think camping trips, think BYOC summer parties on the deck with friends. These are perfect!

Mason Jar Tap

W&P designs brings you this ingenious and fun tap that fits onto any standard Mason Jar. Although it's perfect for pouring adult beverages, you can pour any liquid you desire from it. It's great for at-home or on-the-go, and makes a unique gift. The tap is made from stainless steel and has a silicone seal.

Cocktail Tote

Another one created by W&P Designs and brought to you by Charley, this handcrafted canvas and leather tote is the perfect carry-all for your on-the-go cocktail needs. Inside the tote is the Mason Shaker, the W&P Muddler and the W&P Jigger. There are two sewn-in compartments to keep your mason jar and bottle secure.

That's it for this week's Charley's Picks! Visit our site to see more of our unique designs, reclaimed art and functional pieces and to learn about our custom design services. Visit our beautiful shop and have a look around. And, if you have your own reclaimed materials, talk to us about how we can transform them into timeless works of functional art to adorn your home or office. See you next week!

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Wine Stave Designs - Lazy Susan May 20 2016, 0 Comments

We've just got one Charley's Pick this week, but you'll love it! This item puts a new "spin" on the traditional Lazy Susan. Like all pieces from Charley & Co, this Wine Stave designs Lazy Susan is made from reclaimed materials, and is unique.

Wine Stave Designs Wine Stamped Lazy Susan

You'll love this high-quality, durable design, crafted from reclaimed wine barrels. Not only that, but each piece carries a winery stamp. It's an eco-friendly addition to your kitchen or backyard dining area. It's a functional statement piece that your guests will ooh and ahh over.

Whether you use it to help serve snacks and drinks at both outdoor and indoor dinner and cocktail parties, or use it to create a beautiful, rustic standing centerpiece, it's sure to start conversations and get compliments. Wine Stave Designs creates unique, functional works of art; see our site for more products from this company.

Visit Charley & Co.

That's Charley's Pick for the week. Feel free to shop with Charley & Co. online, or come visit us in our Capitola shop. And, if you're looking for custom furnishings crafted from reclaimed materials, talk to us about commissioning a piece just for you. Whether your design preference is urban, rustic, country or Steampunk, we can create a piece that fits in your home and makes a statement. Stay tuned for more Charley's Picks!

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Sugarboo - Jute spool and scissors & canvas pouches May 12 2016, 0 Comments

Sugarboo Designs - Charley's Picks

The winter season is starting to fade away, making room for the freshness of spring. Spring is a great time to freshen up your home and its decor, or to add fun accessories. This round of Charley's Picks features two unique and lovely pieces from Sugarboo Designs.

Jute Spool & Scissors

Sugarboo's Jute Spool & Scissors is perfect for those crafty types who appreciate the look of homespun, rustic and simple decor. Aside from its visual appeal, the set, featuring one-of-a-kind vintage wool spools and brass handled scissors, is also functional. Goes great in a work or craft room, or anywhere else in your home or office!

Every Day Is An Opportunity Canvas Bag

This clean, simple and beautiful canvas bag is ideal for carrying makeup or smaller accessories, and fits in your purse or tote bag. It features a leather tassel and offers a cheerful reminder that "Every Day Is An Opportunity", a perfect message for the new beginning that is spring.

Either of these items make great gifts, or are a perfect pick-me-up for yourself. Chase the winter blues away with Sugarboo Designs. If your home is in need of a major spring makeover, don't forget that Charley & Co. offers design services and custom furnishings crafted from reclaimed materials. Stay tuned for more Charley's Picks!

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Homart / Reclaimed Metal - IS Please close the gate & Reclaimed metal pig May 06 2016, 0 Comments

This week's Charley's Pick gives you more decor from HomArt. HomArt reclaimed metal creations are a big hit. People love their classic signs and unique home decor. Our picks this week are one of each.

Please Close The Gate

This vintage iron sign is a charming and friendly reminder to close the gate. It's approximately 7.5" x 7.5" and has pre-drilled holes for easy mounting. It has a classic, nostalgic style that fits in well with most decors. It's perfect for home or business and is easy-to-read.

Reclaimed Metal Pig

For that unique decorative touch, you'll love this HomArt reclaimed metal pig. Made from recycled metal drums, these one-of-a-kind works of art make the perfect addition to your home, or a great gift. Remember, each pig is individually crafted -- no two are alike, so you are truly giving a one-of-a-kind gift!

That's it for this week's Charley's Picks. Stay tuned for more to come. And remember, Charley & Co. offers a wide selection of high-quality creations crafted from reclaimed materials. Not only that, but they can create custom-made furnishings for your home or office, and offer design services as well. Visit to learn more about custom designs for your home!

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Wine Stave Designs / Reclaimed Wood - Bottle Balance & wine stave rack April 29 2016, 0 Comments

This week's Charley's Pick goes out to the oenophiles out there who know and love their wines. Whether you are looking for a unique way to show off your bottle with a beautiful, reclaimed rack -- or the perfect gift, Charley has you covered!

These pieces by Wine Stave Designs are sure to delight whomever receives them. They are artistic, functional items that are sure to be great conversation starters!

Reclaimed Wood Wine Bottle Balance

Made from reclaimed wine staves, these wine bottle balances are sure to draw attention at your next dinner party. A great way to show off your latest vintage find, and start a functional-physics conversation, the wine bottle balance inexplicably holds a bottle in a precarious-looking balance. These handcrafted pieces will hold both full and empty bottles.

Wine Barrel Rack

wine barrel rack

For storing and displaying multiple bottles, choose this rack made from reclaimed wine barrels. This piece is another eye-catcher, and will make a beautiful and timeless addition to your decor. The rack holds 5 to 7 bottles.

That does it for this week's Charley's Pick. For more Wine Stave Designs, check out our site. You'll find a variety of simple, beautiful designs to beautify your home. Whether you're searching for the perfect gift, or looking for decorative home accents, you're sure to find something you'll love here. If you are looking for custom-designed home furnishings crafted from reclaimed materials, Charley & Co. offers one-of-a-kind creations that will delight and inspire you. Come in and talk to us, or contact us via email.


W&P - Mason Shaker Gift Set & Enamel Cocktail Tumblers April 21 2016, 0 Comments

This installment of Charley's Picks is all about fun, unique gift-giving. It's a good feeling when you choose just the right gift for someone, and it isn't always easy to pull off! 

There is something sophisticated and fun about cocktail shakers, which is why they make such perfect gifts. While it's always nice to receive the traditional, sleek and shiny shaker sets it's also nice to change things up, especially for the warm-weather months. Spring is here, and summer is right around the corner. This calls for more casual dining and entertaining. It calls for barbecues and outdoor dining. Which is why this Charley's Pick is perfect.

Mason Shaker Gift Set

Brought to you by W&P and is an ideal gift for the cocktail lover in your life. The mason jar is casual, classic and fun all at the same time. This is perfect for a Friday night drink on the deck after a long week. It's also great for entertaining guests outdoors or for that impromptu sunset cocktail hour.

The Mason Shaker gift set comes complete with a 32 oz. Mason jar, three-piece stainless steel strainer, wood muddler and W&P jigger, with full and half shot option. This gift is sure to be a hit with anyone who appreciates their drinks shaken, not stirred. In fact, Charley is pretty sure you'll want to get one for yourself, too!

W&P Enamel Cocktail Tumbler

In the same spirit of outdoor, warm-weather festivities, these enamel tumblers are the perfect vessel for all your fresh, tasty and chilled summer cocktails. These enamel tumblers are sturdy, making them perfect for outside use. Pack them for a picnic, along with your Mason jar shaker set. They look great in any setting and keep your drinks cold longer than glasses!

That's it for this week's Charley's Picks, stay tuned for more!


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HomArt / Reclaimed Metal - IS Private, IS Office & Reclaimed Metal Owl April 12 2016, 0 Comments

Decor, whether for your home or business is all about the details. It's often the little touches that catch a person's eye and create the atmosphere you are trying to achieve. 

Decorating With Reclaimed Materials

If you love furnishings and decor crafted with reclaimed materials, then you'll love these creations by HomArt. Available at Charley & Co., HomArt designs are high-quality and crafted using reclaimed metals, lovingly designed into unique, creative pieces that add that special touch to your home or business.

Iron Signs By HomArt

Part sophistication, part fun, and all nostalgia, these reclaimed iron signs are perfect for home or business.

Let 'em know what space is off limits with this "PRIVATE" sign. The sign could be used to indicate an actual, separate private area for a business or home office, or it could just be wishful thinking! Either way, this vintage iron sign is the perfect way to convey your message.

Speaking of offices, make sure they can locate yours with this vintage iron "OFFICE" sign. HomArt iron signs are a nostalgic addition to your home office, business or living area. They are perfect gifts for that person who just has everything; and you'll want one for yourself, too!

Finally, add some whimsy and fun to your space with this HomArt reclaimed metal owl. These one-of-a-kind pieces are created from reclaimed metal drums, making them an eco-friendly and unique addition to your home. Perfect for the library or den, you'll love the look of these handcrafted sculptures.

Charley & Co. offers these -- and many more -- at our online shop or in person at our physical shop just beneath the train trestle in beautiful downtown Capitola. If you are interested in furnishings, design or more reclaimed, custom creations then explore to learn more.


Custom Design Furniture

W&P - Infuse Book & Mason Jar Tap March 24 2016, 0 Comments

Thanks to farmer's markets, you can purchase fresh ingredients year-round. From ripe and juicy peaches to mint picked off the stem, there is an array of beautiful, locally grown produce at your fingertips. However, this can be overwhelming! What are you to do with all of the goodies that you cannot eat? With a full kitchen counter and a few smart tools within reach, turn your farmer's market finds into great infusions

It All Started With Peaches

The creative minds behind "Infuse" began with a humble mason jar, some bourbon and ripe peaches. The author's peach infused bourbon took the world's taste buds by storm and they have not stopped infusing since. With over 50 recipes, there is something in this book for everyone. For your next gathering with friends, you could infuse dressings, sauces and of course, drinks. 

The Right Tools 

Before you head out to the market to grab your favorite bottle of Kentucky's finest, be sure to pick up a mason jar tap. This nifty little gadget sits atop any standard mason jar. This is the only tool that you will need to serve up your infusions. Mix, muddle, give it all time to set and then you are ready to entertain with no messy clean up. 

Create Beautifully 

Now that you know all the tools you need (one book of recipes and one mason jar with tap) you are ready to start creating! Infusions are great for home cooks and they are great for gifts. For the foodie on your list, create custom-infused olive oils. For the cocktail connoisseur create a lemon and pepper infused vodka. For the Sunday morning brunch group, an infusion based off of maple syrup will have them clamoring for more. 

Enjoy the time you have at home. Gather with friends and get your creative juices flowing. You will find the recipes from "Infusions" easy to follow with short ingredient lists. Once you have mastered all of the concoctions from Prum and Williams, it will be time to break out on your own. 


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Homart / Reclaimed Metal - IS Beware of the Dog & Reclaimed Metal Dog March 17 2016, 0 Comments

Charley's Picks

There is something about a dog that we all can't help falling in love with. Whether your first dog was Toto, Scooby Doo or Marley, a piece of your heart is now dedicated to those soft fluffy ears and wet noses. Dogs become our children, always full of love and always ready to play. If you are a canine fan, show the love by working hints of your furry friend into your decor. 

That Doggy in the Window - Reclaimed Metal Dog

Whether you have a dog or are just a fan of them, consider placing a reclaimed metal dog on your mantle, in the corner of a window or on a bookshelf. Made from metal drums, this piece will hit the perfect note when you are trying to master the "Urban Rust" style. Standing at just over a foot high, this little guy can be the perfect allergen-free accent for any home.  

Beware of the Dog

Have you ever noticed that the smaller the dog, the louder they are? As man's best friend, dogs do their best to protect their owner. Perhaps your furry friend likes to perch on the back of the couch, look out the window and bark at the mailman. Or maybe, small Fido is the one that likes to get up in the face of all the big dogs while you're on your morning walk through the neighborhood.

If your little guy is a fighter, be sure to let everyone know. The Iron-Sign "Beware of the Dog" from HomArt is the perfect marker on the front fence or front porch. This is a classy way to warn guests about the brave heart in your miniature pinscher or great dane

A Pop of Metal - Reclaimed Metal

Reclaimed metal dog pieces offer a fun juxtaposition against the clean lines in any modern design. Not only do the works of art tell a story, but so do the materials. Just think about the life that your piece once had. It's like the life of a dog, you are not always privy to where your furry friend started out, but you know that once he is home, he's perfect. 


Custom Design Furniture

Dryads Dancing, Wine Stave Designs / Reclaimed Wood - Fruit Trays & Relish Trays March 10 2016, 0 Comments

Charley's Picks

Entertaining is all about the little details. Having the hummus and cheese out when guests come over, the perfect pop of chilled champagne as they walk through the door, and a functional entertaining space all lend to creating a fun and relaxing vibe for the evening. Whether you are gathering with a group of three -- or thirty -- the right touches make the party seamless and memorable!

When it comes to setting the scene for a great night, draw inspiration from one of the key elements. An evening with friends often includes a great bottle, or two, of wine. The fruity notes, the smooth feel and touch of acidity, not unlike the snarky and hysterical comments from the comedian in the room, come together through years of blending. Good wine is often aged in casks, from which you may find the perfect decor elements

Reclaimed Wood Relish Tray

Whether it was your mother-in-law or Emily Post, as a host you are taught to put out a plate of appetizers when guests come over. Instead of getting out lots of tiny bowls for carrots and dip, set up a reclaimed wood relish tray. Made from the stave of a wine barrel, the small or large tray has a personality all its own. The soft bend of the stave gives architectural interest to draw guests in and the three cups for holding your world-famous artichoke dip will have them coming back for more. 

Wine Stave Fruit Tray

One of the perfect pairings for wine is fruit. Whether you are looking to keep lemons out on the counter or to set up a tower of fresh strawberries for an evening in, do so in style with a wine stave fruit tray. The deep reds from the aged reclaimed wood pieces add a wonderful pop of natural color, especially against golden pears or the perfect pile of Granny Smith apples. 

Dryads Dancing Spiral Angel

Some people like to believe that there are angels among us. For your dining room decor, why not take this to heart. Hang one of the Dryads Dancing Spiral Angels in the corner of the room. This little wonder is made from reclaimed wood in the USA. It even looks like she has her shoes on and is ready to party. 

With these reclaimed wood pieces the scene will be set for the next great evening in!


Homart / Reclaimed Metal - Anchor wall hooks & Reclaimed metal fish February 25 2016, 0 Comments

It's time for another Charley's Picks!

charley & co mascot


This Charley's Pick features some wonderful home accents from HomArt. It really is the little touches that can make a home come together and shine. HomArt offers a collection of both functional and decorative home items that will add a touch of style. 

Anchor Wall Hooks

If you are going with a nautical theme, or you just enjoy unique touches, these Anchor Wall Hooks are an ideal addition. Perfect for your beach house, or beach or ocean theme. Anchor Wall Hooks come in black or white, and look great in an entryway, bathroom or any room!

Butcher Block & Other Custom Furniture

butcher block

Whether you are shopping for decorative accents or home furnishings, charley & co. offers you high quality items, many of which are made from reclaimed, recycled or repurposed materials or objects. If eco-friendly furniture is important to you, and you love the idea of a quality, unique piece for your home, contact charley & co. to talk about getting started on your own custom designed piece.

Reclaimed Metal Fish

Finally, this reclaimed metal fish sculpture is not only a fun, unique creation, it is also repurposed from metal drums, giving them a new life above the sea, instead of on the ocean floor.

You can find more pieces by HomArt and many other designers, as well as charley & co. original creations for your home. 

Custom Design Furniture

Paddywax - Candles and Hand Wash February 18 2016, 0 Comments

Paddywax - Charley's Picks

charley & co mascot

This week's Charley's Picks are the Paddywax line of candles and soaps. These are a favorite of customers, and it's easy to see why. Paddywax candles are divinely scented with some of the best and most unique fragrances nature has to offer. They concoct amazing combinations that are sometimes rich and spicy, other times light and fresh, and always delectable. And Paddywax makes some amazingly scented hand soaps, as well!

Paddywax candles are contained in beautiful, reusable containers that you'll love even after the candles have disappeared, which will take some time because they are long-lasting and made from soy, one of the the finest, cleanest-burning ingredients - when it comes to candles.

Here are a few of Charley's Picks to get you started:

Paddywax Relish Jar Candle 9.5 oz, Blood Orange + Citrus

paddywax relish candle

Infuse your home with the amazingly fresh fragrance of blood orange and citrus. Such a sweet and fresh aroma, hand-poured into a glass relish jar with a metal lid. These long-lasting candles are great hostess gifts and also come in other tempting scents such as Dandelion & Clover, Fresh Fig & Cardamom and Gardenia & Tuberose. 

Paddywax Apothecary Jar Candle -- Tobacco & Patchouli

tobacco and patchouli paddywax

This is a rich, sweet and spicy fragrance. Exotic and mysterious, you will love this candle! Perfect for an evening scent on a chilly winter night to warm things up. A more masculine scent for those who don't like things overly sweet. Other fragrances include Chamomile & Fig, Verbena & Eucalyptus and Vetiver & Cardamom.

Paddywax Library Glass Candle -- Edgar Allan Poe

library candle edgar allen poe

These classic literature-themed Edgar Allen Poe candles come in beautiful glass votives and are scented and named after famous authors. These are great gifts for your favorite bookworm!

Paddywax Handwash -- Lavender & Thyme

lavender and thyme hand wash paddywax

These beautiful glass containers hold beautifully scented hand soaps that you will love. They are beautiful to look at, and smell heavenly!

No matter which Paddywax product you choose, you'll become a raving fan of their candles and soaps. They make lovely gifts -- for yourself or someone special! Stay tuned for more Charley's Picks!

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W.P. MFG. NY - Mason Shaker & Shake Book February 11 2016, 0 Comments

Hunting for cute, stylish or clever eco-friendly gifts isn't always easy. Especially if you are looking for a gift for the person who has everything! Make gift-giving (or getting a little something for yourself) easier with W.P. MFG. NY - Charley's Picks gifts from Charley & Co.

The Mason Shaker is a unique gift for the cocktail lover in your life. This  four-piece shaker set is stylish Mason Shakerand original. Perfect for rustic settings, backyard soirees, or even camping trips. Add a touch of eco-friendly fun with this gift. Products like these are great because they incorporate existing or found items, turning them into useful and stylish objects that you can feel good about purchasing and giving.

If you want to take the gift one step further, you can add the Shake Cocktail Book.What can you do with water, oil, spirShake: A New Perspective on Cocktailsits and a variety of ingredients? You can make incredible concoctions that will really wow your guests; the only limits to creating your own infused cocktails are your imagination! Vodka is the most common liquor used, but you can use gin, tequila, rum, etc. Fresh fruits, herbs and spices are common ingredients. You can greatly enhance the flavors of spirits by infusing them with things like fresh or dried herbs, peppers, garlic, strawberries, pineapple -- you get the picture.

Look to W.P. MFG. NY -- Charley's Picks for more unique finds and gift ideas!

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Charley's Picks - Reclaimed Shoe Mold Wall Hook & Spiral Angel February 03 2016, 0 Comments

If you are looking for the perfect accessory for your home, or the unique gift for someone special who has unique tastes, then HomArt and Dryad's Dancing are two brands that are definitely worth a look. 

HomArt is a company that's based in California; its products are inspired by California living and architecture. Their one-of-a-kind products promote green living and the sustainability of our planet.

Dryad's Dancing creates beautiful works from reclaimed materials. Their products are uniquely their own, and add a touch of rustic warmth and whimsy to the home.

These two Charley's Picks are sure to delight!

HomArt Reclaimed Shoe Mold Wall Hook

Created from reclaimed shoe molds, HomArt Shoe Moldthis shoe mold wall hook is a unique and functional piece that makes for a good conversation starter! These are not replicas, and each piece is unique with it's own character.



Dryad's Dancing Spiral Angel

This Angel is made from reclaimed wood and metal. Each is a unique and original work of art, perfect for gift giving all year round.

Check out the Charley & Co. website for more pieces from Dryad's Dancing, as well as the many other works created from natural, reclaimed and re-purDryad's Dancing Spiral Angelposed materials. Here you will find a wealth of gift ideas, items for the home and unique works of art. And, be sure to ask about having a custom piece of furniture hand made.

Stay tuned for more Charley's Picks each week!

We have a great selection of unique reclaimed wood furniture & home decor. LEARN MORE <>

Paddywax Candles October 29 2015, 0 Comments

Paddywax Foundry Silver CandleAh, the versatile candle. Candles are a simple and cost-effective way to add light and ambiance to your home -- and can work well in any room in the house. Their warmth and light make for a relaxing bath, a candlelit dinner or a touch of mood lighting anywhere else. High-quality scented candles can evoke relaxation, energy and the mood of the season. Not only that, but candles make great gifts for just about any occasion -- from housewarming gifts to office birthdays. You really can't go wrong with them!

Decorating With Candles

Candles add a decorative touch to the home. They can be used in conjunction with other elements to create a pretty centerpiece, lined up on the mantle or bunched together on an accent table. Placing candles near reflective surfaces provides even more glowing brilliance.

Paddywax Candles - Made with Soy Wax

Of course, not just any candles will do. Some candles contain chemicals, and are made using processes that are harmful to the environment. Paddywax Candles are made with soy wax and hand poured into jars that can be reused. They burn clean and don't contain harmful additives that can pollute your indoor environment. The candles come in a variety of sizes, colors and amazing and unique scents. 

Looking to bring the breezy freshness of the ocean into your home? Try the Foundry Silver Metallic candle - in Olive Tree & Thyme. Get one for yourself and one for a friend!

Up the relaxation factor of your bubble bath with the soothing aromas of Lavender + Thyme. This Paddywax candle also comes in a reusable 9.5 oz relish jar.

For a richer, spicier scent you can choose scents like Tobacco & Patchouli and Vetiver & Cardamom. These scents are hand-poured into dark amber apothecary jars that lend an old world charm to your home. Find a scent for any mood, occasion or personality.

Aromatherapy Can Relieve Stress Throughout the Holiday Season

Aromatherapy can help relieve stress, increase energy or induce calm. They can set the mood, complement an occasion or simply add a special touch to an evening.

For relaxation, choose scents like lavender, chamomile and vanilla. For an energizing scent, look to citrus -- grapefruit and orange are good choices.

Charley & Co. proudly offers Paddywax Candles in our Capitola shop. Whether you are searching for the perfect gift, or a little something for yourself, check out the selection of hand-poured Paddywax Candles at Charley & Co. And while you are there, browse the showroom for home accents, handcrafted decor and custom-built furnishings using reclaimed wood and metal.

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Capitola Shopping September 30 2015, 0 Comments

charley & co. store front

Creating The Perfect Early Fall Retreat with Charley & Co.

For those of us who live in the Capitola / Santa Cruz area, we know that the best summer weather really happens at the end of summer into the fall. It can be downright hot here in October! For these next few months you may be finding yourself craving lighter, airier and more cheerful decor. If you are looking to spruce up your sun room, covered patio or your living room, a few well-placed accents can do the trick.

You can create a more relaxed, whimsical and comfortable look with just a few quick and easy changes -- all available at our brand new shop at 401 Capitola Ave. in Capitola, open 10-6 all days, except Tuesdays, which are by appointment only.

Swap Out Throw Pillowschandler pillow with chair on



You don't want to replace the entire couch, but you can certainly swap out those throw pillows for something in softer colors and fun prints. Handcrafted Chandler 4 Corners pillows are a great way to infuse a playful spirit into your summer decor. You'll have to come into the store to get these, but it's worth the trip. 


Don't Forget The Accents!

paddywax candle chamomile and figScented candles by Paddywax bring in fruity, breezy or crisp, clean aromas are a wonderful way to bring summer indoors. Bowls of shells collected on beach walks, pieces of driftwood, vases of summer blooms are all beautiful ways to keep the summertime mood.

If reclaimed wood is your thing, charley & co. offers a lovely line of Dryads Dancing...reclaimed artwork and decor.

If you are planning on doing some Capitola Shopping, charley & co. not only features the fun and fresh Sugarboo designs, but also an incredible selection of handcrafted home accents and decor, many of which are made from reclaimed materials.

Come check out the shop and learn about custom furniture design and decor while you peruse the selection of outdoor wall decor, reclaimed wood and metal designs. This is the perfect Capitola shopping destination if you are looking to rejuvenate your home decor for any season.  

Expect to find beautiful home decor & unique gifts. Shop Here. <>

Industrial Reclaimed Wood Furniture June 24 2015, 0 Comments

industrial-reclaimed-wood-furnitureCustom-designed furniture made to reflect your style, personality and values takes on even more meaning and beauty when it is made with quality reclaimed materials. If you have considered custom designed furniture, you no doubt have thought about your style, space needs and how it will fit in with existing furnishings. But, have you thought about what you want your piece to be made of?

If you are thinking wood, then what kind of wood? No matter if your style is rustic, classic, modern or eclectic, industrial reclaimed wood furniture can be a stunning choice.

Reclaimed Wood Is Eco-Friendly

You probably know that many homes are being built or remodeled these days with reclaimed industrial wood, metals and other materials. This is good on so many levels. From a conservation standpoint, using reclaimed materials means that new raw products don't have to be used or manufactured. This doesn't just conserve resources, this also cuts down on the energy costs needed to produce and manufacture these materials.

The same principles that apply to reclaimed materials used for building and remodeling homes also applies to furnishings. More and more people are turning to these materials to create beautiful, durable and eco-friendly home furnishings and decor.

Industrial Reclaimed Wood Furniture Is Beautiful

You will see the difference in the look of the wood right away. The tight, dense grain structure and patina adds strength, depth and character. This is the way wood looked long ago, and where the phrase "They don't build them like they used to" came from. And, they usually don't. Items made with new materials simply can't stand up to these. But, when you use reclaimed wood to custom-design and handcraft a piece of furniture, it is the way it used to be -- only better because it's yours.

The Best Of Both Worlds

Whether you are looking for a kitchen table worthy of family meals and holiday feasts, or a coffee table, bench or butcher block, Charley & Co. can provide a design that suits your home and your lifestyle beautifully.

Industrial reclaimed wood furniture brings sustainable, responsible practices into your home so that you can feel good about your space.

Instead of mass-produced, commercially manufactured furnishings that are made with chemicals and lower quality materials, consider investing in a piece of furniture that is not only functional and beautiful, but also good for you, your family, and the planet.

Custom Design Furniture

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Custom Designed Reclaimed Wood Furniture June 23 2015, 0 Comments

reclaimed-wood-furnitureWhether you are just delving into the world of eco-friendly, sustainable living, or have been at it for awhile, you probably know that it all starts at home. We are fortunate that today there are more and more options for living in a manner that is kinder to the environment and helps conserve our valuable resources. Building and remodeling are two industries that have seen major growth in their use of environmentally friendly practices and materials. Recycling building materials is becoming more common.Building with sustainable materials is, too. For example, using bamboo and natural fibers as well as reusing existing materials.This movement is starting to spread to other areas, including home furnishings. Reclaimed wood furniture is gaining popularity not just because it uses recycled materials, encourages conservation and combats manufacturing waste, but also because it is beautiful.

Finding The Perfect Reclaimed Wood Furniture

There are a few different ways to go about doing this. One, you can go shopping and find beautiful wood furniture made from reclaimed wood that is ready to be loaded up and placed in your home. Done.

Next, there is the option of commissioning a custom designed piece of furniture using reclaimed wood source by the artist. With this option, you can work with a designer and get a piece of quality, one-of-a-kind furniture using beautiful, rustic and durable reclaimed wood.

Finally, you can take things one step further by sourcing your own wood to be used in the making of your piece.

This opens up a lot of possibilities. For some, this is an ideal way to get new life from your own materials. Perhaps you need to tear down an old barn or other building on your property -- or maybe you have come across a source for reclaimed wood in your hometown. Ideally, this would be something that you may have an attachment to. Either way, you can have your custom reclaimed wood furniture made from materials you sourced yourself.

Guidelines to Follow When Searching for Furniture Made of Reclaimed Wood

Of course, there are some guidelines to follow. Not all reclaimed materials are suitable for reuse. When the designer sources materials, for example, wood, they are looking for pieces that are in excellent condition that will fit in with the overall design and feel of the piece. For someone who is inexperienced in sourcing, there is a risk of trying to use materials that may not produce good results. Here are some tips:

  • Avoid wood that is warped or shows signs of rot.
  • Wood should be completely dry.
  • See that it is free of nails, staples, etc.
  • Be cautious about painted old wood, it could be lead paint.

Wood that is solid, tightly grained and free from rot, warps, splits, etc. can be used to create benches, tables, chests, butcher blocks and more. At Charley & Co, custom designed reclaimed wood furniture can be special-ordered. You will also find home accents, accessories and art. Charley & Co's Starley Bullard-Moore custom designs reclaimed wood furniture on an individual basis. She'll work with you to design the piece that works perfectly with your lifestyle, style and size requirements. You will also find home accents, accessories and art at Charley & Co. Click here or just below to contact Starley!

Custom Design Furniture

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Custom Furniture Design: The Next Step in Eco-Friendly Living June 08 2015, 0 Comments

Taking The Next Step In Energy Efficiency And Eco-Friendly Living

custom-furniture-design-is-eco-friendlyIf you have recently built or upgraded your home using energy-efficient products, or reclaimed building materials, you are contributing to a growing trend that is not only better for our environment, but also beautiful, sustainable and smart. With that said, you can take further steps to complement the beauty and function to your home with custom furniture design by Starley Bullard-Moore.

Modern-day furniture manufacturing processes can not only harm the environment at large, but can also affect the health of your indoor home environment. Furniture upholstery can give off harmful chemical fumes, and so can painted surfaces. Many materials on the market today are simply not healthy or sustainable.

Custom Furniture Design - The Sustainable Solution

Custom furniture design that utilizes reclaimed and natural materials is not only beautiful, but is also healthy and good for the environment.

Using quality materials to fashion beautiful, stylish and unique pieces of furniture and art makes sense today. Not only that, but these designs offer a distinctive look that you simply won't find in a mass market product.

No matter what your personal style, whether it be classic, clean and modern or rustic and cozy, you can make reclaimed and natural custom furniture design a part of your ongoing commitment to eco-friendly living.


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Modern Reclaimed Wood Furniture May 28 2015, 0 Comments

When you think of reclaimed wood furniture, what comes to mind? Most likely you conjure images of rustic, country style. While this is often the case, at Charley & Co., modern reclaimed wood furniture is also a part of the picture.

Quality Modern Design is Enduring & Sophisticated

There are many reasons to create modern furniture using reclaimed wood.Sustainable practices are gaining steam in all areas of building and design. It's not just about conserving natural resources, or reducing waste. It is also about reducing the environmental damage that results from modern manufacturing processes, as well as limiting energy consumption.

Sourcing quality recycled materials and handcrafting them into usable products not only gives new life to previously existing items and reduces consumption, it reduces the use of chemicals that are commonly used in making products like home furnishings and decor.


When you choose a custom-designed piece of furniture using reclaimed materials, you are helping to create a healthier environment.

Vintage Goes Modern for the Eco-Conscious

But what if your tastes are not rustic? What if you prefer clean, modern designs? You are in luck, because at Charley & Co. you can find a wide range of designs, including modern reclaimed wood furniture and home-accent items.

Good modern design isn't trendy, it's classic, and will stand the test of time. It's clean and versatile, and without the added fluff of other types of design. Often, when people think of modern design, they mistakenly think of poorly-made furnishings with cheap materials that are here today, gone tomorrow.

About The Materials

There is something uniquely beautiful about reclaimed wood. Older buildings, such as barns, make great sources for the wood used in Charley & Co. designs. The dense, finely grained wood harvested from older growth trees is something you simply won't find in most of today's modern furniture. Each piece is unique and creates enduring, beautiful designs. Reclaimed metal is also used to create furnishings and both modern- and vintage-inspired accent pieces.

If you are looking for modern reclaimed wood furniture you can visit Charley & Co.'s Capitola store or click the button below to make an appointment to discuss creating a custom-designed piece of furniture. Some of the pieces created with reclaimed materials include kitchen tables, coffee tables, benches, swings and butcher blocks.

If you love clean yet classic modern design that is built to last and to get better with age, consider commissioning a custom design with Charley & Co.

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