Rustic Furniture from Reclaimed Wood November 08 2013, 0 Comments

Reclaimed Wood is an Amazing Material for Making Rustic Furniture Pieces

The Environmental Benefits of Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Adding a piece of reclaimed wood furniture to your home is a simple way to create a well-established, yet artful feel. Since reclaimed wood is one-of-a-kind, you can rest assured that your piece will be interesting and add a dimension of originality to your home.

In addition, there are environmental benefits to using reclaimed wood instead of wood that's been newly harvested. Deforestation for lumber is one of many commercial practices that contribute to the loss of precious natural resources; trees are extremely important for absorbing the carbon dioxide that contributes to climate change.

Furthermore, trees and forests provide habitats for many other living organisms, making them a key piece to maintaining biodiversity.

Finally, harvesting wood that has already been cut down reduces the need for the energy-intensive processes that are necessary for cutting down new trees and getting them ready for commercial use.  

The Structural Benefits of Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Although it may seem like furniture made out of a previously used material would be less sturdy, pieces made from reclaimed wood are often times much stronger than those made from newer wood. Wood that is reclaimed from old barns, factories and warehouses is generally old-growth lumber, which means that the wood is much stronger than that of newly cut lumber.

The wood is so strong, a.) because these old growth forests had hundreds of years to grow before man began harvesting them, b.) the lack of air pollution that was present up until the 20th century. The trees were much healthier during that time and, as a result, were much more durable.

The Aesthetic Benefits of Rustic Furniture

There are also many aesthetic benefits to reclaimed wood! Because reclaimed wood has had a past life, it immediately adds character and typically has more visual appeal than a piece made from newly cut wood. Every piece of wood has its own unique story and no two reclaimed wood pieces are exactly alike.

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