Reclaimed Wood - Incorporating it Into Your Next Home Remodel November 20 2013, 0 Comments

Whether you're remodeling just one room -- or renovating your entire house -- it's important to consider several factors that relate to the materials that you use and the look and feel that you desire in the final product.
Materials, Aesthetics and Environmental Considerations

Materials - To make a smart investment, using the right materials will be of primary concern.

Aesthetics -- To improve aesthetics, you’ll want to focus on the interior design and arrangement of your home.

Environmental Considerations -- To renovate for environmental purposes, you’ll want to focus on sustainable materials.

The good news is that you can have it all. You can incorporate all three of these considerations into your next home renovation project by using reclaimed lumber as anchor pieces in your home.

Whether you want your newly renovated home to resemble a modern vibe – or if you'd like to give it a more historic and rustic feel -- there’s always room for well-designed wood furniture. You’ll have a home that combines the natural with the modern; a home that resounds with warmth, comfort, and style.

Reclaimed wood or lumber is perfect for people who are passionate about using recycled materials for green building. These wood products, which were previously used in constructing old structures, are eco-friendly and highly sustainable. Using wood or lumber salvaged from old buildings or homes, warehouses, factories or old furniture ensures that you won't need to look for new wood products or freshly cut trees.

Reclaimed lumber is sturdy and strong...quality will never be an issue. Reclaimed wood, in fact, has always been considered premium material -- not only for building structures, but also for furniture design.

The weathered, rustic look of recycled wood is a chic way to incorporate originality and a historical piece design piece into your home. All the markings and penetrations give them a distinct character. Besides, wouldn’t you want something in your home that represents history?

Ideas for Renovating or Remodeling Your Home with Reclaimed Wood

Here are six examples that might help to spark some inspiration for you:

• Instead of the "typical" living room sofa, you can go for a bench or couch made from reclaimed wood.

• For your bedroom, replace an ultra modern or common-looking side table with a custom piece made from reclaimed wood. A distressed metal and reclaimed wood side table will help to provide this effect.

• Give your living room mirror a new look by framing it with reclaimed lumber. Again, this will give a more rustic and natural feel to the room.

• If the kitchen is your favorite place, remodel it by building a butcher block that combines elements of stainless steel, granite and marble with the elegant look and charm of reclaimed wood.

• Another one for the kitchen: overhead cabinets made from reclaimed wood. The distressed-wood variety will add character and originality.

• Incorporating some elements of reclaimed wood all over the bathroom, such as building shelves using reclaimed wood, wood-framed mirrors (like the living room one) and even reclaimed wood around the kitchen sink to create a relaxing look and feel.

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