It Ain't Junk...It's Steampunk! (Furniture That Is) December 04 2013, 0 Comments

You have probably seen steampunk before, but didn't know what to call it. Steampunk is an art form that combines the past (particularly the Victorian era) and the future (particularly fantasy and sci-fi elements). It is where nostalgia, art and modern gadgets conspire to create an art that exemplifies uniqueness, style, function and a thought-provoking message. Its popularity as an art form has grown over the years, so much so that even our furniture has been “steampunked”.

There are certain elements essential in creating steampunk art and furniture:

  1. The passion for anything old fashioned. Steampunk furniture gives life to obsolete gear and things like a gramophone. Materials used include rustic metal, copper and antiqued brass. Pocket watches, rusty wall clocks and their gears are also favorites.
  1. Steampunk furniture embraces industrial elements. Furniture and décor are usually designed using various machinery concepts. You’ll find a lot of furnishings that incorporate or use chains, spools and gears. It’s also possible to see metallic shelves, cabinets or bookcases.
  1. Steampunk furniture successfully combines the modern and the Victorian look to create a contrasting effect. When you think of the Victorian era, one of the first things that come to mind is lace. You can combine lace with leather to balance the arrangement. A laced leather sofa will touch both your soft and hard sides. Other examples are carved wood and metal framed mirrors and nuts & bolts combined with intricately carved furniture. 
  1. The colors don’t lie. Steampunk furniture do not favor pastels and bright colors. There’s no color play involved as most styles are in black, gray, a little gold and silver. Any color that represents industrial elements is favored. So steampunk furniture can also come in brown, copper or rustic red.
  1. Steampunk themes and messages border on the fantastical. This can be seen through the prints, fabrics, paints and even wallpapers that you choose to use. Paintings can also be used to carry out the room’s theme. Whimsical shapes are also favored since they give off an industrial flavor.

Examples of Steampunk Furniture

Here are some examples of steampunk furniture that you can add to your home:

  • A gear top rustic side table that highlights industrial elements. To some, this will look like a simple “wheel”, but to steampunk lovers, this is the perfect hybrid of rustic and industrial.
  • A rustic globe – complete with pipes and gears - cut into half and converted into a round coffee table.
  • A lamp made from a combination of salvaged steel, rusted pots, reclaimed wood and galvanized pipe (which serves as the stand).
  • A folding coat rack set off in Victorian style, with all the intricate details. Main material would be iron.
  • Keep your photo albums, magazines and other stuff safe inside a wooden steamer trunk made of recycled or reclaimed wood. The trunk should have a lot of bolts.
  • A hanging fan or ceiling fan that shows a lot of iron, copper and industrial gear.

Creativity plays a big part in steampunk styling. If you know how to mix and match Victorian, industrial, and futuristic/fantastical elements, you’ll find it easy to create your own steampunk furniture. It’s just like recycling old furniture and turning them into something more useful and beautiful.