Dryads Dancing, Wine Stave Designs / Reclaimed Wood - Fruit Trays & Relish Trays March 10 2016, 0 Comments

Charley's Picks

Entertaining is all about the little details. Having the hummus and cheese out when guests come over, the perfect pop of chilled champagne as they walk through the door, and a functional entertaining space all lend to creating a fun and relaxing vibe for the evening. Whether you are gathering with a group of three -- or thirty -- the right touches make the party seamless and memorable!

When it comes to setting the scene for a great night, draw inspiration from one of the key elements. An evening with friends often includes a great bottle, or two, of wine. The fruity notes, the smooth feel and touch of acidity, not unlike the snarky and hysterical comments from the comedian in the room, come together through years of blending. Good wine is often aged in casks, from which you may find the perfect decor elements

Reclaimed Wood Relish Tray

Whether it was your mother-in-law or Emily Post, as a host you are taught to put out a plate of appetizers when guests come over. Instead of getting out lots of tiny bowls for carrots and dip, set up a reclaimed wood relish tray. Made from the stave of a wine barrel, the small or large tray has a personality all its own. The soft bend of the stave gives architectural interest to draw guests in and the three cups for holding your world-famous artichoke dip will have them coming back for more. 

Wine Stave Fruit Tray

One of the perfect pairings for wine is fruit. Whether you are looking to keep lemons out on the counter or to set up a tower of fresh strawberries for an evening in, do so in style with a wine stave fruit tray. The deep reds from the aged reclaimed wood pieces add a wonderful pop of natural color, especially against golden pears or the perfect pile of Granny Smith apples. 

Dryads Dancing Spiral Angel

Some people like to believe that there are angels among us. For your dining room decor, why not take this to heart. Hang one of the Dryads Dancing Spiral Angels in the corner of the room. This little wonder is made from reclaimed wood in the USA. It even looks like she has her shoes on and is ready to party. 

With these reclaimed wood pieces the scene will be set for the next great evening in!