Homart / Reclaimed Metal - IS Beware of the Dog & Reclaimed Metal Dog March 17 2016, 0 Comments

Charley's Picks

There is something about a dog that we all can't help falling in love with. Whether your first dog was Toto, Scooby Doo or Marley, a piece of your heart is now dedicated to those soft fluffy ears and wet noses. Dogs become our children, always full of love and always ready to play. If you are a canine fan, show the love by working hints of your furry friend into your decor. 

That Doggy in the Window - Reclaimed Metal Dog

Whether you have a dog or are just a fan of them, consider placing a reclaimed metal dog on your mantle, in the corner of a window or on a bookshelf. Made from metal drums, this piece will hit the perfect note when you are trying to master the "Urban Rust" style. Standing at just over a foot high, this little guy can be the perfect allergen-free accent for any home.  

Beware of the Dog

Have you ever noticed that the smaller the dog, the louder they are? As man's best friend, dogs do their best to protect their owner. Perhaps your furry friend likes to perch on the back of the couch, look out the window and bark at the mailman. Or maybe, small Fido is the one that likes to get up in the face of all the big dogs while you're on your morning walk through the neighborhood.

If your little guy is a fighter, be sure to let everyone know. The Iron-Sign "Beware of the Dog" from HomArt is the perfect marker on the front fence or front porch. This is a classy way to warn guests about the brave heart in your miniature pinscher or great dane

A Pop of Metal - Reclaimed Metal

Reclaimed metal dog pieces offer a fun juxtaposition against the clean lines in any modern design. Not only do the works of art tell a story, but so do the materials. Just think about the life that your piece once had. It's like the life of a dog, you are not always privy to where your furry friend started out, but you know that once he is home, he's perfect.