W&P - Infuse Book & Mason Jar Tap March 24 2016, 0 Comments

Thanks to farmer's markets, you can purchase fresh ingredients year-round. From ripe and juicy peaches to mint picked off the stem, there is an array of beautiful, locally grown produce at your fingertips. However, this can be overwhelming! What are you to do with all of the goodies that you cannot eat? With a full kitchen counter and a few smart tools within reach, turn your farmer's market finds into great infusions

It All Started With Peaches

The creative minds behind "Infuse" began with a humble mason jar, some bourbon and ripe peaches. The author's peach infused bourbon took the world's taste buds by storm and they have not stopped infusing since. With over 50 recipes, there is something in this book for everyone. For your next gathering with friends, you could infuse dressings, sauces and of course, drinks. 

The Right Tools 

Before you head out to the market to grab your favorite bottle of Kentucky's finest, be sure to pick up a mason jar tap. This nifty little gadget sits atop any standard mason jar. This is the only tool that you will need to serve up your infusions. Mix, muddle, give it all time to set and then you are ready to entertain with no messy clean up. 

Create Beautifully 

Now that you know all the tools you need (one book of recipes and one mason jar with tap) you are ready to start creating! Infusions are great for home cooks and they are great for gifts. For the foodie on your list, create custom-infused olive oils. For the cocktail connoisseur create a lemon and pepper infused vodka. For the Sunday morning brunch group, an infusion based off of maple syrup will have them clamoring for more. 

Enjoy the time you have at home. Gather with friends and get your creative juices flowing. You will find the recipes from "Infusions" easy to follow with short ingredient lists. Once you have mastered all of the concoctions from Prum and Williams, it will be time to break out on your own.