HomArt / Reclaimed Metal - IS Private, IS Office & Reclaimed Metal Owl April 12 2016, 0 Comments

Decor, whether for your home or business is all about the details. It's often the little touches that catch a person's eye and create the atmosphere you are trying to achieve. 

Decorating With Reclaimed Materials

If you love furnishings and decor crafted with reclaimed materials, then you'll love these creations by HomArt. Available at Charley & Co., HomArt designs are high-quality and crafted using reclaimed metals, lovingly designed into unique, creative pieces that add that special touch to your home or business.

Iron Signs By HomArt

Part sophistication, part fun, and all nostalgia, these reclaimed iron signs are perfect for home or business.

Let 'em know what space is off limits with this "PRIVATE" sign. The sign could be used to indicate an actual, separate private area for a business or home office, or it could just be wishful thinking! Either way, this vintage iron sign is the perfect way to convey your message.

Speaking of offices, make sure they can locate yours with this vintage iron "OFFICE" sign. HomArt iron signs are a nostalgic addition to your home office, business or living area. They are perfect gifts for that person who just has everything; and you'll want one for yourself, too!

Finally, add some whimsy and fun to your space with this HomArt reclaimed metal owl. These one-of-a-kind pieces are created from reclaimed metal drums, making them an eco-friendly and unique addition to your home. Perfect for the library or den, you'll love the look of these handcrafted sculptures.

Charley & Co. offers these -- and many more -- at our online shop or in person at our physical shop just beneath the train trestle in beautiful downtown Capitola. If you are interested in furnishings, design or more reclaimed, custom creations then explore www.charleynco.com to learn more.