Wine Stave Designs - Lazy Susan May 20 2016, 0 Comments

We've just got one Charley's Pick this week, but you'll love it! This item puts a new "spin" on the traditional Lazy Susan. Like all pieces from Charley & Co, this Wine Stave designs Lazy Susan is made from reclaimed materials, and is unique.

Wine Stave Designs Wine Stamped Lazy Susan

You'll love this high-quality, durable design, crafted from reclaimed wine barrels. Not only that, but each piece carries a winery stamp. It's an eco-friendly addition to your kitchen or backyard dining area. It's a functional statement piece that your guests will ooh and ahh over.

Whether you use it to help serve snacks and drinks at both outdoor and indoor dinner and cocktail parties, or use it to create a beautiful, rustic standing centerpiece, it's sure to start conversations and get compliments. Wine Stave Designs creates unique, functional works of art; see our site for more products from this company.

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That's Charley's Pick for the week. Feel free to shop with Charley & Co. online, or come visit us in our Capitola shop. And, if you're looking for custom furnishings crafted from reclaimed materials, talk to us about commissioning a piece just for you. Whether your design preference is urban, rustic, country or Steampunk, we can create a piece that fits in your home and makes a statement. Stay tuned for more Charley's Picks!