Transform Your Space with Rustic Furniture! March 25 2014, 0 Comments

rustic furnitureHaving comfortable surroundings in your home is a combination of many elements. It is not only having sofas and chairs you can sink into, bedrooms that offer a welcome oasis at the end of a hectic day or kitchens that are functional. You also need balance. Rustic furniture can add that sense of balance providing a much needed refresher to rooms that feel uninspired.

Adding Punch

Even in the most modern rooms I find a punch of rustic can really help mix things up a bit. Tables are the perfect solution as they can be designed for a number of purposes. Hall tables provide a warm welcome in any entry. The rustic finish of reclaimed wood can add contrast with the placement of a modern lamp, classic Italian mirror or a complementary rustic piece of folk art. A rustic coffee table can ground a seating area and looks fabulous when placed on a shag area rug. You can also add a touch of nature using sustainable materials such as sea grass or hemp rugs. Occasional tables can be placed in lonely corners with a lamp or plant or can be used to stack antique books or a small collection of photos. Custom reclaimed wood furniture can meet your specific needs with a rustic furniture design that fits seamlessly into your space.

Dining Down

The formal dining room is giving way to a more casual approach. It's more of a "kick your shoes off and settle in" approach to dining that makes time with friends and family far more enjoyable than stuffy formal dinners around high-polish mahogany. Rustic furniture is perfect for the dining room if long, lingering meals, good wine and great conversation are the center of your lifestyle.

Picture the new finish of rough hewn woods salvaged from a local winery, farm or dock. The wood can be finished to suit your personal tastes and when paired with a selection of Santa Fe or Santa Cruz style chairs -- or even high backed formal seating -- you can create a design that defines relaxation and entertainment. Rustic dining tables are also perfect for cozy, eat-in kitchens.

If you're looking for rustic furniture in the San Francisco Bay Area or Santa Cruz County, Starley Moore of Charley & Company designs custom, one-of-a-kind furniture using locally sourced reclaimed wood.