Steampunk Furniture: Decorate With What You Love April 08 2014, 0 Comments

Steampunk is the decor you'd find if Captain Nemo and Professor Henry Higgins were roommates! It takes the industrial materials of the Victorian era and combines them with the more masculine decor details of the time.

The industrial revolution is the inspiration for steampunk furniture and interiors. Picture this: copper and brass cogs, wheels and pipes paired with dark wood and well-worn, rich burgundy leather. Envision a Victorian clock turned inside out or peering into a Victorian factory at the copper and brass machines of the industrial revolution.

As the industrial revolution took over, steam was the technology of the time. The factories and machines were used in every imaginable application with various versions of stationary steam engines to keep the machines churning.

Steampunk furniture is an interesting take on days gone by -- made even more interesting when authentic, antique materials are used. You can add a touch of steampunk or go full throttle from floor to ceiling. Think of the possibilities of mixing items and materials that have become rather taboo in today's "typical" design world, which seems to be dominated by stainless steel and empty spaces. Steampunk has the ability to fill a room, creating warmth and comfort using well-worn materials reclaimed from days gone by.

Metals can be the perfect addition to steampunk furniture, inspired sculpture and wall art. I've used rusted cogs, aspects of cast iron and even random pieces of copper wiring to create uniquely designed furniture and home decor.

Copper plays a major role in steampunk design -- as does brass. Copper is a far warmer metal than stainless steel and creates an organic feel, despite the influence of the industrial world. Reclaimed rusted metals work very well in a steampunk-themed home and complement the warm orange tones of copper.

Steampunk-Inspired Nostalgia

The strong influence of leather and wood brings back images of men in smoking jackets, swirling brandy in warmed snifters and smoking cigars. Steampunk does tend to lean toward a more masculine feel -- but it's also downright cozy.

It's wire rim glasses sitting on a leather bound book on a dark Victorian desk with brass handles. It's also copper fireplaces, kitchen islands and even bathroom fixtures paired with rustic wood and unpolished brass -- all work together to create the ultimate steampunk-inspired home.

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