Put Down that Catalog! Get Custom Designed Furniture! April 15 2014, 0 Comments

I know of people who have searched for months, even years, for the right piece of furniture for their homes. It can be any number of pieces -- from sofas to a simple bench to place in the entryway to sit and tie their shoes. This might seem a little picky to some people, however when you are creating living spaces that you want to enjoy for years to come, you don't just flip through the pages of a catalog. You look for one-of-a-kind pieces that will speak volumes about who you are and what you love.

And what can speak louder than a piece of reclaimed wood furniture that has been custom made to your exacting standards!?

For Your Eyes Only

Furnishing your own home can be very rewarding because every room has a piece of you, your partner or kids. Heck, it might even have a piece of your dog or cat! You look painstakingly for the most comfortable chairs, the most attractive wall art and area rugs that will warm cold toes on a fall morning.

Custom designed furniture is created with an eye for detail. You can take the time to draw a rough sketch, collect a number of photos you like, or even just verbally relay all the things that you love to a designer and let them have their way with it. In the end, the important outcome is to have the piece that you were envisioning or, perhaps, something even better!!

Custom Reclaimed Wood Furniture

There are a number of reasons that I am partial to using reclaimed wood in my furniture designs. First and foremost, it is a way to give back to the environment since I'm using  wood that might otherwise be taken to a landfill. Second, reclaimed wood has been seasoned to perfection. It's the "stick a fork in it, I'm done" piece of wood that you want for durability. Last, but not least, reclaimed wood provides a look with incredible depth, patina and character than any other kind of wood you will find. Whether it is the graying, wizened look of barn wood -- or wood saved from old pallets -- you will see unique warmth unmatched in any other wood grain.

Completely Yours

Custom designed reclaimed wood furniture becomes completely and solely yours. You can work with a designer to find the wood you want, the size you want, and most importantly, the look you want. And don't get too caught up in the whole rustic furniture idea. Remember that reclaimed wood is wood by any other name and therefore can be masterfully crafted into anything you want. I do have to state, however, that I love (and I mean love!) the look of a rustic piece of wood furniture placed in the modern home. It makes a real statement and humanizes and warms a space like only an older piece of furniture can do. It really doesn't look out of place, but instead actually says "I'm home". But it's not for everyone.

When designing furniture, it takes a trained eye not only for the final piece, but for the materials used to finish it. Reclaimed wood furniture may offer a different perspective for designers because the wood itself might have some ideas of its own. It can be cut into a circle, warped in a "love me or leave me" kind of way or even stained in an unusual pattern. All of these elements work together and lend themselves to the finished product.

Starley Moore of Charley & Company designs custom furniture using locally sourced reclaimed wood. She's well-versed in all-things design and works with clients all over the San Francisco Bay Area and Santa Cruz County.