Why Do Reclaimed Wood and Metal Work So Well for Custom Furniture? May 02 2014, 0 Comments

Reclaimed Wood FurnitureThere is something wonderful about taking the environment into consideration when decorating your home. Reclaimed materials that can be used to produce upcycled furniture are inspiring and provide an amazing base for furniture designers to really challenge their creativity and show off their skills. "Upcycled" furniture takes unexpected materials and reinvents them for a greater purpose. Better yet, it re-purposes materials to create one-of-a-kind, custom-designed furniture to meet your exact needs.

The Art of Upcycling

Unlike everyday wood that has been harvested from a forest that takes decades to regrow, reclaimed wood and metal offer a guilt-free pleasure to the eco-conscious artist. Upcycling takes a keen eye for design. You have to be able to look at an object or material and see beyond its current state to create something that is both functional and attractive.

When I'm working on a custom design piece, part of the thrill is hunting down materials that will suit a design best. In fact, it often works in the opposite way. I may find a piece of steel or wood that inspires a design -- sometimes from afar. Inspiration can be found in an old rusted metal cog -- or in a weathered piece of wood from an old deck or palette. Oftentimes, it's an object that's been cast aside that provides the perfect base for a table -- or an idea for a backyard bench.

Versatile Design

Custom-made furniture is versatile in that it allows you to direct the size, style and materials used to suit your design scheme. Many people worry that in order to purchase eco-friendly furniture they either have to buy something used or look at furniture that is strictly rustic. However, since the furniture is custom designed it can be made to meet the design style you desire. When working with reclaimed wood, I use materials that have been perfectly seasoned. They can be sanded deeply to expose the wood grain below -- or be minimally sanded to smooth the wood while allowing the weathered patina to create more character. Wood can then be stained to a deeper tone -- or finished with a natural glaze. The reclaimed wood furniture design can then take its cues from traditional or modern stylings based on your particular tastes. 

Accent Pieces

In most cases, upcycled furniture is purchased or designed to provide accents and focal points to a space. It is not shy and reserved. Instead, it is stylized and artistically designed to provide a truly exceptional piece of furniture. You can often take a cold, modern space and warm it up with the addition of the distinct characters of reclaimed wood furniture. An industrial space, such as a San Francisco loft, works beautifully with rusted steel. There is no getting away from the rustic charms of many reclaimed wood pieces -- yet even rustic pieces seem to fit organically in the most modern rooms. 

Sophisticated Stylings

When working with custom furniture piece, the one thing that stands out more than anything is a certain sense of sophistication -- even in the most raw designs. It's because the artist is looking at the furniture more as a sculpture as opposed to just another table, bench or chair. Every room in the house can find a place for a piece of upcycled furniture -- from an old door made into a headboard to barnwood that's used as a unique front for a kitchen island that will add character and charm.

Starley Moore of Charley & Company creates custom upcycled furniture using locally sourced materials for clients throughout Santa Cruz County and the San Francisco Bay Area. Contact her today for further details about how she can create a piece that's uniquely designed for you!