Reclaimed Wood Furniture is Classy & Durable May 06 2014, 0 Comments

reclaimed wood furnitureCustom designed reclaimed wood furniture offers a conversation piece that will last for years to come. Many families have heirloom pieces of furniture they pass on from generation to generation. These pieces are cherished items that are placed in a position of honor and provide a sense of history and a connection to family members who are long gone. Heirloom furniture often comes with an intriguing story that can be shared with younger generations. You can enjoy such a tradition by creating a piece of custom designed reclaimed wood furniture that will last well into the future; yours will be the story that people eventually share.

A Story to Tell

The beauty of reclaimed wood furniture is that each piece already has a story to tell. Reclaimed wood can be from any number of interesting resources, adding to the intrigue of an heirloom piece. You can keep information about the artist who designed the furniture, take pictures of the reclaimed wood in its raw form -- and then a photo of you standing with the furniture when it is complete. This may not seem so exciting to you, but imagine the effect that this can have on generations to will be at the root of the story!

Creating Family History

You can be the person who creates your family's history. Maybe you have a job that's interesting...perhaps you're a writer, an artist, an architect or an entrepreneur. You can have the desk that you sit at designed for you, then pass it on to your children or grandchildren. You can even look to the past for inspiration. For example, perhaps you have old family photos that features a similar desk or chair....or maybe there's a cabinet or book shelves you see in the old family home. You can use these photos to recreate a custom reclaimed wood furniture piece and let people know this is where you got your inspiration. This -- in and of itself -- is a wonderful story.

Sturdy, Well-Built Furniture

Many people are unaware that reclaimed wood is the sturdiest wood you can use to build furniture. In fact, many assume that due to its age it will be more prone to cracking or other signs of aging. It's actually quite the opposite. Reclaimed wood has been seasoned to perfection, especially wood that has been exposed to the elements. You can choose from a number of woods, including barnwood to old docks and materials that come from industry -- or even old paneling in an historic home. The possibilities are endless. I work with clients to come up with the right texture and finish of wood to design pieces that are perfect for their homes or offices.

One of a Kind

A family heirloom should be a one-of-a-kind piece that cannot be found in any other home. Ideally, it should have character and a sense of uniqueness that will add to its appeal. If you're interested in a piece of reclaimed furniture that will not be tossed aside -- or sold by future generations -- I can help you create something with staying power. A piece with classic, appealing lines and sturdy craftsmanship that will last for generations to come.

If you're interested in learning more about the possibilities of creating a custom designed piece of reclaimed wood furniture, contact me today. I create one-of-a-kind furniture using reclaimed wood from various parts of California.