Capitola Village: Eco Friendly Home Decor May 29 2014, 0 Comments

California is a haven for environmentally conscious people who live life with a focus on sharing the home decorearth and helping to keep it safe. If you're looking for a shop in Capitola Village that provides environmentally friendly products, Charley & Co. has a selection of one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted home decor items.

Store owner, Starley Bullard-Moore, has been an interior designer for over 20. And even though Charley & Co. just opened two years ago, the store recently won two awards for "Best Home Decor" and "Best Unique Gifts" in Santa Cruz County for 2014.

Here are some of the store's items that have helped to earn that honor:

Songbird, Dryads Dancing

This is a perfect example of one of the thought-provoking art pieces that Starley carries in her store. What could be more poignant than three lovely songbirds perched unknowingly on the reclaimed keys of a piano? The songbirds are positioned as if sharing a song while blithely unaware they are perched on now-silent piano keys. This clever wall decor and approach to upcycling is a trademark of Starley's artistic style, which looks at the materials she is using for inspiration. This whimsical collection of three birds adds a touch of irony -- perfect to position above a grand piano or to preside over morning coffee to welcome guests into the foyer, or chatter above clever conversation in the dining room. This is one of the rare items that can be found in her Capitola Village shop.

Wine Stave Wine Rack

What better material to cradle your favorite wine selection than a stave from an actual wine barrel? The delicate curve of these perfectly aged staves are custom-designed to accommodate five to seven bottles. The rich tones of the wood are character that has come from their prior use. Starley's clever eye comes in handy offering the final touches to take a  tossed-aside piece of wood and see its potential to live on with a new purpose to be sold in one-of-a-kind Capitola shops. 

Wine Barrel Lazy Susan

When entertaining, you will have a story to tell when someone asks you to pass the wine or sea salt. Starley has taken the lids of wine barrels collected from local vineyards and has transformed them into artful, yet practical, home decor pieces like this Lazy Susan. 

Whether you are seeking home decor items in Capitola shops for yourself -- or are trying to find a unique gift for someone special -- Charley & Co. has the environmentally friendly home decor items that you are seeking.