Steampunk Furniture July 02 2014, 0 Comments

Steampunk furniture takes its cues from two major eras in history: Victorian and Industrial. Artist and steampunk furniturefurniture designer Starley Bullard-Moore developed a taste for steampunk furniture when she began exploring the design of custom furniture using reclaimed wood and metal. With many searches taking her into industrial areas to hunt out her reclaimed materials, it was a natural progression for her to take her design cues from the origins of many of the materials she was using. She soon learned that there are some unusual elements that come together to create steampunk designs.

Industry and Curios

There is a very hard side to steampunk and this is often where some of the fun and intrigue stems. Elements such as miscellaneous parts from machinery play a prominent role in creating steampunk furniture. You might find a table made of rough hewn reclaimed wood with legs made from old brass piping. These industrial elements -- such as cast-away cogs -- can even be hung on walls as art, rust and all. A strong tie to steampunk style is interesting Victorian curios but also a strong influence from classic science fiction movies. These items create inspiration for steampunk furniture using the same hammered metals and brass, fixtures and warm woods. These curios are often found displayed on open, rough hewn shelves made of reclaimed wood and metal in steampunk-inspired rooms.


Steampunk is also about contrast with details such as rich velvet tufting and elegantly carved legs on a footstool contrasted with a rich leather chair with detailing such as giant copper or worn brass nails or bolts. Distressed materials are the main element that bring texture to steampunk style where you might see hammered metals and distressed reclaimed woods. However, although crudely hewn materials are very common, you will also see a combination of rough and polished finishes that tie back to the contrast between the industrial and Victorian elements. 

Whimsy or Moody?

Much of the furniture and design elements are darker and somber, yet you will still find elements of whimsy in the way materials are used or how an old object is re-used with a sense of irony or cleverness. You will find comfort and cheer seem perfectly balanced amid these more serious furnishings and décor details that are very unexpected.

Stop by Starley's Capitola shop Charley & Co. to view her take on steampunk furniture created from 100 percent reclaimed materials.