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When decorating your home you are creating a collection of details that work Reclaimed Wood Furniture & Decortogether to set the tone of your style. A collection of majolica plates displayed on a wall creates a rustic feel, whereas a collection of china becomes more elegant and sophisticated. A Rembrandt print is serious and reserved, yet a painting or print by Helen Janow Miqueo brings whimsy and joy to a room. Finding a collection of decor that works together to create the style of a room has a lot to do with your personal tastes and will be the finishing touches that add personality and flair to a space. At Charley & Co, Artist and Owner Starley Bullard-Moore creates beautifully simplistic reclaimed wood decor that is whimsical yet sophisticated, charming yet insightful -- infusing a sense of style that helps define a space.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Starley only works with reclaimed wood and metal that's locally sourced and hand-picked using her trained eye. Starley then uses these materials to create furniture as well as lovely decor items that provide the accents required to infuse personality and to help pull a room together. Starley uses the materials as her inspiration allowing her to challenge her own artistic mind to create beautiful pieces of art and home decor from society's "toss aways". From a trio of songbirds perched on piano keys to a fruit tray carved from the wood of wine barrels, there's always a connection between the visual and the origins of the materials that are a little deeper and more thoughtful than basic art prints.

Interior Design Expert

Starley offers a rare combination of creative skills by combining her interior design mind with her artistic eye. This allows her to bring a unique and insightful vision to her reclaimed wood collections. Her approach with reclaimed wood embraces her love of the planet, which is then translated into the artwork she creates which uses nature and inspirational words to bring joy and balance into your home. 

From softer touches -- such as whimsical throw pillows for your sofas, chairs and beds and runners and small accent rugs to warm up your floors. To the sturdier reclaimed wood and metal home furnishings, wall art and decor, Charley & Co. offers a uniquely eclectic selection of one-of-a-kind items to help add a dash of personality to your space.