Custom Furniture Design in Capitola Village! July 23 2014, 0 Comments

custom furniture design A perfect piece of furniture, artwork or area rug can complete a room and pull a disconnected space together instantly. You might have found that it can take months to find the right decorative accents and furniture to decorate a room the way you want. Sometimes you might seem to be looking endlessly for one single item to complete a room such as a small table, an accent chair or a final special touch to make your entry hall more welcoming.  Fortunately, there is a magic fix -- custom design furniture! Charley & Co., (located in lovely Capitola Village, CA) is a charming shop where designers and homeowners alike have discovered the talents of custom furniture designer Starley Bullard-Moore. 

Almost Perfect

The trouble with furniture hunting is that many people settle for the "almost perfect", likely expensive piece because they just can't wait to find something that meets their exact specifications. If you cannot find it, why not have it designed? Starley Bullard-Moore has developed a keen furniture design sense with her years of interior design experience that allows her to assess a space and find the right balance required in the piece she creates. If you already have an image of what you want, Starley can take that image an build it for you. Though it may sound costly, custom designed furniture can be had for less than you think. To see her design finesse in action, check out her home decor and gift shop, Charley & Company, which shows off her handiwork. 

Original Materials and Designs 

Starley does not only create original designs, she also uses original materials. She works with reclaimed wood and metals that she salvages throughout California and re-purposes them for her custom furniture designs. She can be inspired by the materials themselves or by her customer's homes and ideas to create one-of-a-kind furniture. She can bring together rustic, Steampunk and industrial for a unique and inspiring mix that makes for a truly wonderful yet unique style.  Using reclaimed wood provides a unique patina and tone that is unsurpassed not only in texture and beauty but also in its resilience and durability. Starley, always eco-friendly, works with these materials in an effort to save the planet as well as to demonstrate that we do not necessarily have to be a disposable world.

From the Ashes

Starley creates beautifully crafted custom furniture designs that are made with ordinary materials that become extraordinary. She can intuitively see how to take an old piece of barn board and transform it from a weather-worn toss away into a beautifully designed accent piece for your home. Starley's artistic touch allows her to create completely organic furniture that can change a room, perfect a room or blend in beautifully to finish a space.

Custom design furniture can often make your search less tiresome and allow you to create the furniture piece you were envisioning. In fact, custom design furniture is especially effective for awkward spaces or smaller areas that have become wasted space. When you are looking for that perfect furniture piece custom design is often the best route to take. Visit Charley & Co. or call Starley today.