How Metal Decor Fits Into Your Design Scheme July 31 2014, 0 Comments

Metal DecorWhether you're planning a modern, contemporary or traditional design for your space, metal decor can add an interesting dimension and texture to any room. Metal decor comes in many shapes and sizes -- as well as textures and colors. You can seek out the pieces that speak to you -- or simply find something that inspires an entire design scheme. Here are some of the ways you can use metal decor in your home:

Wall Art

Metal wall art comes in a number of different mediums from sculptural pieces to painted artwork and interesting functional pieces that can provide shelving or storage space. When looking for metal wall art consider the space you need to fill and the dimensions and shape of the wall art. You don't want to overwhelm a small space with a metal decor piece that's too large -- although in some spaces this can add drama and interest. It can be much worse to place a small object on a large wall. Another way to mount metal decor is to look for collections of artwork and group them in an interesting manner on a larger wall. You can also purposefully overwhelm a wall space with a large group of smaller pieces for impact. You have to test the look to see what works for you and to get the effect and balance that you will find appealing.


Metal decor is an excellent choice to use within vignettes in a space. Vignettes can be set up on a hall table, in the corner of the room or on a mantle. They are groupings of items that work well together to fill boring spaces or even to create a focal point. Metal decor can include a large mirror with a metal frame leaning against a wall and grouped with a stack of books and a planter or an old reclaimed metal sign grouped with farm tools and wooden objects. Modern vignettes might include stainless steel objects or frames paired with simplistic vases and black and white photos. Vignettes always make a space more personalized and can be used to make a statement about your style -- or even about your personality.


Much like vignettes, using metal to layer items can create interest and add color and texture to a room. For example, in a kitchen you might have a large rustic copper range hood or a more modern stainless steel finish. You can use this as a base to layer other metal objects such as utensils, counter decor and appliances or an interesting collection of art and kitchen objects mounted along the bulk head. It used to be a rule to stick to one metal. However modern design rules allow you to mix metals as long as one is not too dominant, making the other metals look out of place.


Metal decor can also come into play as a material on smaller accent pieces of furniture. You can look at adding a hall table with metal legs and then place a piece of wall decor made of reclaimed metal. Metal lamps, chairs, occasional tables and items such as ottomans with distinct metal detailing can all be an excellent way to add metal to your space.

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