Steampunk Furniture: Decorate With What You Love August 15 2014, 0 Comments

steampunk furnitureSteampunk furniture can provide an excellent jumping off point to create a truly inspired steampunk decor scheme. Steampunk takes its design cues from the rich and masculine looks of a Victorian den, the industrial age and a sci-fi twist that puts the "punk" in steampunk. Here are a few ways you can build on the look of your steampunk furniture.

Industrial Age

Your steampunk furniture can have a number of materials and accents that can give you ideas to add to your steampunk scheme. Often you will find that industrial materials, such as reclaimed wood and metal, are used to create interesting and unique tables, chairs and storage cabinets. These materials often have a more industrial edge; you can create interesting vignettes using items you hunt down in antique and curio shops made of these materials. Look for items such as old typewriters, machinery cogs and wheels, piping and gears -- and even items such as scales and gauges. These items can be placed in collections on shelving, in cabinets and even hung on walls to add to your steampunk design.

Victorian Age

Instead of focusing on the industrial side of the steampunk look, you can make things a little cozier using Victorian influences. Look for luxurious deep leather sofas and chairs -- and use rich colors such as burgundy and golds for cushions and drapes. Warm things up with Persian area rugs, introduce items such as grandfather clocks and old piano stools and even look for traditional steps used to access books and high shelves. Old leather-bound books with gold leafing, interesting lamps with stained-glass shades and bronze stems and rich warm woods such as mahogany all work together to build on Victorian style and elegance.


Sci-fi is the third element you can use to build your steampunk theme. Look at interesting navigational tools, images of hot air balloons, various instruments and transportation items from boats to zeppelins. These finishing touches can add a whimsical look...but can also be dark and somber depending on the mood you wish to set. 

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