Sugarboo Designs: Southern Charm on the Pacific Coast! August 20 2014, 0 Comments

Sugarboo Designs is a family-owned business located in Roswell, Georgia. Artist and designer Rebecca Puig started her business with her husband in 2005 and began creating folk-influenced art in her home with her husband and two children by her side. Since then she has made a name for herself as a home decor "maven" by offering a rare combination of insight and warmth that brings a sense of personality and quaintness to a space! On the other side of the country, fellow artist Starley Bullard-Moore has brought Georgian charm to the Pacific coast offering Sugarboo Designs in her home decor and gift shop, Charley & Co., located in Capitola, California.

Rural Rustic Pillows

Sugarboo Designs has become one of the go-to suppliers at Charley & Co. Starley now offers a lovely hand selected collection of Sugarboo Designs' art, pillows and decor items. Pillows are folksy, yet have an urban edge created with the use of raw materials. Canvas and burlap combined with original prints, sayings and poetry create a genuine and intelligent look. Sugarboo pillows offer an assortment of designs that add a sense of wry humor, loving coziness or whimsy to a couch, chair or bed...and can also brighten up a space with the colors of Rebecca's one-of-a-kind folk art.

Wall Art

If you're looking for items to cover your walls and create a lived-in look, Sugarboo also supplies Charley & Co.with a wide array of folk art -- ideal for any room in the home. You can add instant personality using prints in a wide variety of sizes and designs. To top it off, Sugarboo is an eco-conscious company that incorporates reclaimed wood into many of its paintings, print frames and other home decor items. Nature figures prominently in Sugarboo's subject matter. Rooted in traditions, this style of folk art reflects the culture of Americana and brings an eclectic and bright feel to any design scheme.


Perfect Match

Sugarboo Designs is close to Starley's heart due to their use of reclaimed wood for many of their pieces and frames. Similarly, Starley creates home decor items as well as custom furniture using locally sourced reclaimed wood. This makes Sugarboo Designs a logical choice for Starley's unique and award-winning collection of home decor and gift items!

Find a touch of southern, artsy charm in Capitola. Drop by Charley & Company in Capitola Village.