Industrial Furniture – Say Goodbye to the Factory September 02 2014, 0 Comments

industrial furnitureWhen you hear the words "industrial furniture" you might think of a desk and chair you would find in an operation manager's office at the manufacturing plant! The term industrial furniture actually refers to furniture that is constructed around a modern fusion of rustic wood and metal elements. So an industrial furniture designer might be very interested in those pieces of furniture in the plant manager's office to use in creating a fresh and new industrial look and feel. 

In this style cool, sleek metal meets natural wood décor for a hip, laid-back look, such as a hanging lamp with a raw steel lampshade and an exposed bulb in a metal cage. Or furniture that's been designed using reclaimed industrial materials like riveted, rusted metals or wood with large rusted bolts still in tact. These materials have been reclaimed from industrial sites, factories and abandoned buildings and can be used to create what some might refer to as "rustic industrial", "warm industrial", "modern industrial" or "industrial chic" furniture. And this look can work beautifully in many coastal California homes or a particular gift and home decor shop in Capitola, CA. ;) 

Interesting Industrial Furniture Examples

If you're having trouble envisioning this concept here are a few more examples:

  • A coffee table made from a stainless steel scissor lift that can be raised and used as a dining table when entertaining in a small condo or loft.
  • A chandelier made of reclaimed wood with rusted bolts for design detail and raw bulbs to add character and light.
  • A stainless steel gurney turned into a kitchen island or table.
  • A weather worn dock palette made into a coffee table with the aged company name stamped on the side and legs made from the parts of old steam pipes.

These images might help create a picture in your mind of the versatility and design appeal of industrial furniture. Starley Bullard-Moore's Capitola shop, Charley & Co., specializes in unique home decor and one of a kind furniture using reclaimed wood and metal. Her furniture is custom designed using materials she has sourced throughout the San Francisco bay area to create inspired pieces that are both rustic and industrial.

Industrial Touches

Industrial furniture can bring an edgier look to a rustic kitchen using reclaimed wood to create a table, lamp or kitchen island. You can welcome people to your home with an industrial style hall table made of reclaimed wood and a cast-iron garden gate...or create an industrial bathroom vanity of reclaimed wood and rusted cabinet door pulls made of small industrial cogs.

If you would like to discover the beauty and versatility of industrial furniture, Starley can custom design an original piece to complement your space. 

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