Modern Wood Furniture: The Perfect Blend September 18 2014, 0 Comments

When you are seeking modern touches for your Capitola home you might not automatically think of going custom. However, custom modern wood furniture created from reclaimed wood offers a unique statement that store bought pieces often cannot.  With custom design you can create modern, contemporary pieces that still capture some industrial and rustic elements. The lines may seem blurred, yet when it comes to finding a focal point for your space the appeal of modern wood furniture is clearly focused on clean lines and beautiful finishes.

Modern Design Elements

Modern wood furniture depends on sleeker lines than their traditional or industrial cousins. Simplicity is at the root of modern furniture, and therefore wood is an excellent material to create the modern look as it offers texture without becoming too busy. Modern wood furniture often combines other materials to add an element of contrast or simply to add to the design. It is becoming more common to see a combination of wood and other materials, such as metal, wood and glass. When working with custom design, you can actually come up with some interesting ways to unite these different elements -- creating truly original modern wood furniture, perfect for your Capitola home.


Many modern furniture pieces are also focused on providing a functional purpose. You may require shelving, a console for your entertainment equipment or maybe a little side table to act as a bar or serving area in your living or dining room when entertaining. Modern design must remain simplistic, yet provide the opportunity to become useful to the home owner. The beauty of custom modern wood furniture is that it can be designed for a single purpose -- or even multiple purposes -- depending on your needs.

Low-Key Sophistication

What I like about modern furniture is that it has a certain low-key sophistication. The pieces are quiet in their presence due to their unobtrusive design style. The clean lines and beautiful finishes become their best qualities. The lack of ornamentation acts as the driving creative force with modern furniture, and when working with reclaimed wood there is something sublime about how the finish of the wood becomes the defining style element for modern pieces.

Capitola home owners are discovering that reclaimed furniture goes beyond just rustic designs with a newfound love for modern wood furniture at Charley & Co.. Designer Starley Bullard-Moore is using locally sourced reclaimed wood to create modern designs that are completely unique, eco-friendly and easily integrated into most any design scheme.