The Versatility & Beauty of Reclaimed Metal September 12 2014, 0 Comments

The Versatility of Reclaimed Metal

Reclaimed Metal BullWhen you're looking for new and innovative design detail for your home, reclaimed metal can be used in a number of ways to add impact and intrigue. Reclaimed metal is extremely versatile and can be introduced into your home in any number of ways, whether it be within a piece of custom furniture or as homemade artwork. You can create stunning focal points using reclaimed metal on walls or on the fronts of kitchen cabinets, to create interesting door ways and even use it outdoors.

Reclaimed metal can also add an industrial edge or rustic charm to any design scheme when used as wall art, table legs or as an interesting material to cover walls and other objects. It's the perfect multi-tasking material that can be used to create divine designs perfect to influence a space or follow the design scheme and perfectly blend in.

Finding the Beauty of Reclaimed Metal

You might be wondering where one might find suitable reclaimed metal. Really, these materials can be salvaged from any number of sources including old farms, factories and buildings. It can also be found completely upcycled in a certain online shop or local store in Capitola, California. ;)

You might be thinking, "How can old rusty metal possibly provide inspiration for anything?" Yet when you see the collection of work at the Charley & Co. shop and the unique and eclectic manner in which owner Starley Bullard-Moore uses the reclaimed material you might go from "Huh?' to "Aha!" in short order.

Designer Starley Bullard-Moore has incorporated reclaimed metal into her interior design schemes for years now and has also used it for her custom furniture and artwork. Her creativity is often a result of the inspiration from the materials themselves as each find has a different story and character that she discovers. 

Starley's talents have been honed over the past 20 years and are evident in the pieces and spaces she creates. She's also a fan of the work of many other designers as is showcased in her online shop. Her determination to show Santa Cruz-area home owners how to create eco-friendly homes has allowed her to develop her own eco-chic style that incorporates the beauty of these unexpected materials in an artful and tasteful manner.

If you're looking for new and artful ideas to bring into your home's design scheme, metal in its worn and rusted form offers a touch of urban rust. Visit our shop in person or online today...and discover a new way to use this age-old material.