Barn Wood Makes for Beautiful Furniture & Decor! September 22 2014, 0 Comments

Barn wood is so desirable because it has so many possible applications in the design of an interior space. Understanding the essence of barn wood as a design element can help you come up with innovative ways to introduce it into your space to create warmth, rustic charm and texture. Reclaimed barn wood has become popular because each piece is unique and provides wonderful character that cannot be found new lumber.

Unique & Appealing Patina

Perhaps the most important element of barn wood is its unique patina. Each barn will develop its own distinct color and finish that cannot be recreated using modern means. Barn wood is naturally aged by the elements. The sun, wind, rain and air that a farm has been exposed to from various angles -- all based on the farm's location -- give the wood a unique character that can't be replicated. Capitola custom furniture designer Starley Bullard-Moore likes to take different approaches based on the appearance of the wood and its application in the home. She can work with it as is, or sand it down to get a smoother texture or get to the deeper layers of the wood to expose what's beneath the top layers of the patina. All of these options add to the unique character of the wood and allow the wood to become the star of the room -- regardless of the way it is used or where it's placed.

Strength of Character

Other appealing characteristics of barn wood include its grain and strength.. The wood has been cured perfectly through the years, allowing it to remain strong and durable. Nothing cures wood more effectively than aging naturally in the sun and rain. This exposure creates wood that will last forever and can become an heirloom piece that can be passed on for generations.

The Value of Texture

Barn wood can be used to create texture on unique doors, trim and rustic wall panels. The bold and knotted grain, combined with the weather-worn look of naturally occurring cracks, crevices and scarring work together to create a depth of interest that cannot be recreated using tools and stains. Instead, the texture is completely organic. This allows a designer or artist to add a rustic edge to urban spaces -- or to further develop a country or rustic theme. Starley sources local barn wood in order create her beautiful custom furniture designs.

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