Chandler Pillows: The perfect way to introduce Folk Art into your Home September 30 2014, 0 Comments

chandler pillowsFolk art is the ideal finishing touch to rustic, Americana and country decor schemes. It offers cheerful colors in slightly muted tones that are warm and inviting as well as a historical feeling that conjures up memories of simpler days. Chandler Pillows specializes inhand-hooked pillows available in a myriad of designs, colors and seasonal choices making them an excellent choice to add folk art to your space.

Warm and Whimsical

Chandler pillows are warm and whimsical as theyre made the old fashioned way -- with 100 percent hand hooked wool. These handmade products are of the highest quality with elegant velveteen backs for the ultimate in comfort. Throw pillows are the finishing touch, ideal for any number of rooms. From charming window seats in romantic bedrooms, to comfortable sofas and accent chairs, the addition of throw cushions help create layers and depth for more interest.

Tasteful and Textured

The collection of Chandler Pillows offers a tasteful way to add texture to your space. The hand-hooked wool is plush and deep with a natty look thats attractive, grainy and rustic. There are also a number of pillow sizes and shapes that allow you to create even more texture and visual interest when you choose to position them in groupings.

Seasonal Folly, Varied Themes

The beauty of pillows as a decor item is that you can have an entire collection you switch up with the seasons. From colors best suited to the weather outside, to holiday cheer complete with Santa and snowmen, you can bring the joys of each season into your room simply by adding pillows. You can also complement the existing themes in your home. Pillows that are nautical-themed, nature-inspired and that reflect country living down on the farm are all great complements to your existing. The possibilities are endless! You can even honor your pet with a dog or cat theme. Color collections also work well with warm reds, natural greens and classic blacks and golds.

Capitola home decor and gift shop Charley Co. is happy to have found Chandler Pillows to add to their lovely collection ofurban rust and country charm-inspired hand-made and hand-picked items. Owner and designer Starley Bullard-Moore appreciates the handcrafted look of these wonderful pillows. They are the perfect accent for her collection of custom-made furnishings, wall art, and hand-made home decor items.

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