Paddywax Candles: The Benefits of Aroma Therapy & Home Decor October 14 2014, 0 Comments

paddywax candlesFragrance is a trigger to our deepest memories. The smell of roses in the wind can awaken memories of childhoods spent in grandma's garden. Baking pies might remind us of holiday celebrations surrounded by family and friends. Earthy scents bring back memories of family camping trips -- and the smell of cardamom might remind us of the perfume worn by someone we love.

In addition to triggering memories, fragrance can help alter one's mood, offering calmness and serenity -- or invigoration and wakefulness. These two effects work hand-in-hand through aromatherapy, which allows you comfort, calm and serenity simply by lighting a candle

Style & Soothing Fragrance for Your Home

Paddywax Candles offer a line of original scents and stylish looks that can bring warmth, welcome and calm to any room while providing a sense of home. Not only are Paddywax Candles fragrant, they are created with unique designs that make them the perfect accent decor for your home. 

The Perfect Home Decor

Paddywax caught the eye of shop owner Starley Bullard-Moore, who seeks out the most unique and intriguing gift and home decor items for her Capitola Village store. She was drawn to the creative and intricate approach Paddywax takes in the styling of their products -- exploring the many worlds and personalities that interest us. Paddywax doesn't use overpowering fragrances or basic tins and glasses -- they use subtle fragrance mixes and interesting vessels that become a part of a room's personality

The Feeling of Creative Comfort

What attracted Starley to Paddywax was the traditional and historical feel of the collection. She chooses to carry the Apothecary, Relish and Homegrown collections in her shop because these lines combine throwback, retro-jars and bottles with fragrances designed to soothe and calm. As the name implies, Apothecary uses rustic, brown glass Apothecary bottles with aged, yellowed labels. Fragrances use traditional mixes such as rosemary and thyme or exotic choices like tobacco and patchouli. Relish uses mason jars containing fragrances to comfort such as oak moss, vanilla, ocean tide and sea salt. Fruitier choices including watermelon mint and currant raspberry comprise the Homegrown Collection.

Paddywax Candles are the perfect addition to any room in your house, as well as the ideal house warming gift, finishing touch in a guest room or token of appreciation. You can discover our unique line of Paddywax Candles at our shop in Capitola, California or at Visit us online or in-store today!