Keep your Home Comfy & Warm with Sugarboo Designs' Pillows & Cushions October 16 2014, 0 Comments

sugarboo designsAn excellent way to bring comfort to your home is to add subtle and comfortable cushions to every room. Interior designer Starley Bullard-Moore has found that using Sugarboo pillows throughout your home can bring a unique design element to your home decor that is both charming and whimsical, all the while keeping things soft and welcoming. There are a number of ways you can use cushions as an understated design element in your interior scheme.


The simplest way to use throw cushions is to focus on color. Sugarboo Designs tends to lean toward the natural, yet you will find splashes of color in many of their designs. Bright birds and flowers are folksy and warm, but offer a certain modern twist at the same time with unique graphics. Keep in mind that the absence of color is a design statement in and of itself. When you look to basics -- such as natural linens, blacks and creams you can develop a palette that is warm and inviting.


Pillows are meant to be layered! You can use layers of pillows in different shapes and sizes, or use similar sizes scattered casually about the couch, chairs or the bed. Window seats are an excellent spot for layering cushions and using pillows to create depth that can make a space appear cozier and more inviting. Pillows can also be layered on the floor, stacked neatly by a bench, on the fireplace or in a corner.


When you look at their collection, it's obvious that Sugarboo Designs considers all elements of style and texture. Texture can be created in a number of ways using rougher fabrics such as raw linen, canvas and burlap. Texture can also be translated through the use of graphics and geometry-- or even large words and lettering.


Throw cushions can also be used to make a statement. Sugarboo Designs often explores the use of words, phrases and quotes for intrigue and thoughtful reflection. Entering a room with a pillow that shouts "Hello Gorgeous" or "Love You" offers a boost to the ego that can lighten your day. You can send a message to guests by tossing a pillow or two on their bed with a welcoming "Hello Darling".

Starley keeps a unique collection of Sugarboo Designs' pillows and cushions in the online store. Bring a touch of comfort and coziness to your home! Visit our Capitola shop or the Charley & Co. website to discover our collection of cushions with light, love and laughter.