Hit the Right Note with these Capitola Gifts October 28 2014, 0 Comments

capitola giftsWhen shopping for gifts in the picturesque village of Capitola, you'll want to find a shop where the gifts will appeal to a wide variety of friends and family. For many, the simple gesture of giving a gift will make a big impact! At Charley & Co., we have plenty of unique gifts and home decor that will make a great impression on anyone you have in mind. 

Aromatic Candles

capitola giftsFor many, candles are a lovely choice for a gift that will express gratitude, or to let someone know you care -- especially an unique candle that's lovely and fragrant with an interesting container and presentation! Paddywax makes an extraordinary collection of candles that we carry. Their scents are subtle and come in a number of appealing fragrances packaged in delightfully whimsical, yet sophisticated, containers that will be graciously received.

Hostess Gifts

capitola giftsSome good examples of hostess gifts are unique cocktail items or wine-inspired accessories. Charley & Co. has a wide variety of home decor items that are designed for entertaining, such as relish or cheese trays.... or pretty items like fanciful cushions from Chandler. Or items for the garden, such as bird houses. If you're going to be a guest in someone's home, consider the gesture of the invite an indication that your host enjoys your company. Use this as your cue to find a gift that will suit them.

A Gift for a Loved One

capitola giftsThe deeper the relationship, the more meaningful the gift. Gifts for a loved one might be a little more extravagant and personal. For someone that you share a close relationship with, youll want to take the time to hunt down something that they may have mentioned they liked when out shopping together....or something you noticed they might need in their home. You can even consider having something custom designed for them, or buy something cute for their pet.

Whatever the case may be, find unique gifts or home decor items that everyone will love at Capitola's Charley Co.!