Take a Trip to Capitola Village to Discover a Unique Shopping Experience November 20 2014, 0 Comments

capitola village unique shopping experience

Capitola Village has long been a destination for enjoying the beach and the splendors of the sea. While it wouldn't be complete without taffy, souvenirs and surf shops, this charming small town located on the coast is also a place to discover new talent in fashion, art and culinary delights. One such find is the store here at Charley & Co., a home decor and unique gift shop owned by Capitola Village artist and interior designer Starley Bullard-Moore.

Homage to Rediscovery

Starley has made a name for herself in and around the Bay Area due to her keen eye that can spot appealing reclaimed materials and use them to rediscover their purpose. She seeks reclaimed materials from local sources in order to recreate and repurpose them creating unique, one-of-a-kind home decor and furniture items as well as custom made furniture for her clients. Starley's experience as an interior designer combined with her intuitive talents as an artist allows her to create truly exceptional home decor items with rustic yet surprisingly industrial charm. She refers to her style as urban rust, which features a strong influence of the popular steampunk style.

Custom Design Benefits

Customers see the benefits of having custom designed furniture after a visit to Starley's shop. It is easy to see that a custom piece allows you to design the item to meet your exact specifications. With Starley's skills she is able to assist her customers in designing the furniture pieces that are perfectly suited to their needs. She considers not only the space, but the materials in order to design something that fits into a room seamlessly while offering a distinct and unique charm people will admire.

The Shop

Starley's focus is not only on providing a custom furniture service. She is diverse in her talents including her ability to spot the perfect home decor and gift items to carry in her shop. You will be tempted to spend plenty of time in the Capitola Village shop to look at each and every piece that she has there from her own hand made home decor pieces to lovely gift items such as Paddywax candles and Sugarboo Designs accent decor. She has made a name for herself as the number one gift shop in Capitola Village and has even won several Best of awards for her artful selection of items.

Visit Capitola Village's hottest home decor and gift shop, Charley & Co., to discover what all the fuss is about. Hope to see you there soon!