Three Sugarboo Ideas to Add Personality to Your Capitola Home December 05 2014, 0 Comments

sugarboo designs ideas capitola village

Creating a personal space that reflects your true personality is often perfected in the finishing touches. You put together a room using major functional pieces of furniture, but require a certain amount of accessories and focal points to really make it your own. At Charley & Co., owner Starley Bullard-Moore seeks out the most unique products with character to help you perfect your sense of style. Here are three awesome Sugarboo home decor items you can use to customize your Capitola home:

1) Sugarboo Pillows

sugarboo designs capitola village

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to add instant personality to a room is to toss around some accent pillows. At Charley & Co. there is a wide collection of Sugarboo pillows that offer punches of color and whimsy to add a comfortable, welcoming touch to any room. Accent pillows can be mixed and matched on beds and sofas, placed on accent chairs for a splash of color or even placed on the floor for extra comfy seating when you have guests.

2) Expression Pieces

sugarboo designs capitola home

Your home is the one place you should feel completely comfortable expressing your views. Seeking out insightful home decor items that offer a glimpse into your personality and philosophy can get people thinking when they visit your home. You do not have to be too deep with expressive pieces you place throughout your living space. You just want to trigger a smile or offer a little jump start to people's day with a few well chosen pieces. Sugarboo pillows and wall art can provide just such a glimpse with little lines of inspiration or thought provoking commentary such as, "Your day will go the way the corners of your mouth turn." 

3) Wall Art

If you enter a home without anything hanging on the walls you immediately get the sense that the people living their aren't there for the long haul. Covering your walls helps to set that feeling of establishment. It brings walls into cozy proximity and provides a sense of homey comfort that empty walls can never offer. Your walls are the perfect place to add color and further set the tone of your home's personality. Charley & Co. has found a wide selection of Sugarboo wall art that will help you cover your walls in warmth and welcome. Like the collection of pillows, Sugarboo wall art is insightful, stylish and rustic. You can select from folksy framed art in rustic frames using reclaimed wood or interesting comments and quotes using fonts to create a well designed and unexpected art piece.

What Are You Waiting For?

When you are seeking unique home decor items to complete your space, or looking custom furnishings made to your exact specifications Charley & Co. has everything you need. Stop by the Capitola shop or visit the website to get a feel for stylish options that owner Starley Bullard-Moore has to offer.