5 Reasons to Fill Your Home with Paddywax Candles December 24 2014, 0 Comments

paddywax candles

Candles have been a popular decorative item in homes for many generations. They have also served a practical purpose with the addition of fragrance. Paddywax Candles offer stunning designs with natural, pure fragrances that are the perfect finishing touch to create a homey atmosphere. Here are five reasons to fill your home with Paddywax Candles...

1) The Healthy Choice

Many people do not realize that the candles they burn throughout their homes could be emitting harmful toxins. There are many candles on the market that release carcinogens when burned. This is because either the wicks or the wax contain dangerous materials that become worse when heated. The soot produced from paraffin candles or candles with wicks that contain lead are very dangerous for humans and pets. Paddywax Candles are 100 percent natural and contain only soy wax and safe oils and wicks for clean burning. The lovely range of scents available are pure and natural with fragrance that is certain to appeal to everyone.

2) Focus of the Soft Flame

paddywax candles

Candlelight offers a soft and mesmerizing light that promotes focus. You can light a candle before bed time or after a hard day of work and look into it to help concentrate and meditate. It is also a gentle light that creates lovely shadows to help you relax and enjoy the comfort of your home.

3) Sense of Style

Paddywax Candles offer you multiple choices to express your sense of style. They have a sense of history that can add to the rustic look of your home but also come in designs sure to suit your personaltaste. They are the perfect decorative touch for bathrooms and guest rooms to give that spa-like feel. They also work well in any room in the home, including the foyer where you can light them as a warm welcome when entertaining. When lit they add a unique and gentle light to soften the rooms in your home, and when not in use they add a special accent piece perfect for any shelf or table.

4) Scented Joy

paddywax candles

Your sense of smell is one of your most powerful memory triggers. You can bring back happy memories by choosing the fragrances that you remember from your childhood, from vacations or even of fragrances reminiscent of your favorite comfort foods. You can also use scented candles to assist with relaxation or to add a touch of invigoration to help you find your second wind. Paddywax Candles offer natural fragrances in a number of groups from Herbal/Green to Earthy and Floral/Sweet to Citrus/Fruit. There is an entire collection of fragrances you can choose to suit your mood. They even offer specialty fragrances created just for the holidays such as Pomegranate Spruce sure to bring back memories of your favorite season.

5) Better Mood

On days when you just can't seem to get out of an unhappy or cranky mood, Paddywax Candles can offer an instant jump start to set your mind at ease and help you refocus on positive thoughts. You can choose the fragrance that will help you readjust your attitude so you are ready to restart your day and get back on track.

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