Not All Reclaimed Wood Furniture is Rustic December 26 2014, 0 Comments

modern reclaimed wood furniture

Reclaimed wood furniture is often regarded as rustic in nature. However there are many styles of modern reclaimed wood furniture ideal for the contemporary home.

Green Option

The very fact that the materials being used are reclaimed is a testament to the needs and demands of modern homeowners who are looking for green options to decorate their home. With the trend towards sustainable, green manufacturing, the reclaimed wood artisan is becoming more sought after. Craftsman and artist Starley Bullard-Moore creates handcrafted pieces using traditional methods to create modern reclaimed wood furniture to suit the needs of the modern homeowner.


modern reclaimed wood furniture

Starley creates stunning custom-designed reclaimed wood furniture at her Capitola studio. All her pieces are custom made to the eye of the client. There is always the option for a more modern look over the more common rustic look. Many modern pieces combine a number of materials to come up with an industrial or steampunk edge that indulges the need for modern design. Edgy metals and weather worn wood can be combined to create clean lines on shelves, tables, chairs and occasional items perfect for modern spaces.

Lofty Designs

Starley finds that modern reclaimed wood furniture is the perfect style for San Francisco lofts. There is a perfect fusion between history and modern aesthetics. Much like the architecture found in lofts - where rough-hewn exposed materials such as brick and raw rafters combine with modern touches such as concrete floors and metal air ducts - reclaimed wood furniture works perfectly with aged wood and metal pieces. As an interior designer, Starley is able to create dining tables made of refinished barn board crafted into clean, modern lines. She sees how the knots and grain of the wood pair with modern chairs made of polished metal or classic retro chairs reupholstered with modern geometrics. She uses coffee tables with smooth reclaimed wood tops and ultra modern metal legs to anchor a living room, while narrow slim lined tables are ideal positioned in entry halls with a contemporary lamp and area rug. Learn more about her custom designs.

Edgy Industrial Kitchen 

modern reclaimed wood furniture

The industrial kitchen is becoming more popular in San Francisco remodels where modern finishes blend with the historic architecture of classic San Francisco homes. You can inject a sense of unique fusion between the character of your home and the one-of-a-kind elements of the simplistic handcrafted design of a kitchen table or island. Reclaimed wood can be crafted to add a focal point for cabinet doors or modeled to create interesting storage features on walls for open displays of state of the art small appliances. Reclaimed wood and metal work beautifully in the modern kitchen remodel with an edgy industrial feel that provides a sense of forward-thinking, eco-chic sensibility. 

Built-in Sophistication 

Your modern home is a backdrop to technology. Modern reclaimed wood furniture can also take the form of built-in entertainment centers ideal to set up and install the electronics of your home theater, gaming station and computers - giving those technological pieces a sense of style. Reclaimed wood can be combined with more modern materials such as glass to create stunning built-ins ideal for the electronics of your home, but can also be designed to shut away all the wires and screens when you are not using them. Unique cabinetry custom designed to install all of your electronics add to the contemporary edge of the reclaimed wood and metal. 

Experience the Elegance & Style of Modern Reclaimed Wood Furniture

If you would like to see first-hand how modern reclaimed wood furniture is created drop into Starley's shop Charley Co. located in Capitola, or learn more about her design and processes here.