Georgia's Sugarboo Designs Finds a Home In California January 16 2015, 0 Comments

Sugarboo Designs

Sugarboo Designs has made a name for itself with national exposure in magazines that include Country Living, House and Garden, House Beautiful and Oprah!

However, for those of us located on the West Coast, it can be hard to find a shop that carries Sugarboo Designs products. Charley & Co. in Capitola Village discovered the beauty and charm of Sugarboo Designs and carries an assortment of their home decor items that help to bring Sugarboo's artistry to West Coast homeowners.

Much Ado About Something

So what is all the fuss about? There are a number of design esthetics that Sugarboo Designs encompass. There's a simplicity to the designs that help to break through the noise of many of the home decor items that are out there today.

There is also much thought put into the materials used to create the designs including reclaimed wood and interesting fabrics like burlap and canvas.

Although each item has a strong folksy influence, there are also elements of elegance and sophistication which means they can find a place in almost any space.

Last but not least, these decor items carry a cleverness that provides insight into life and a philosophy we should strive to live by tattooed onto many Sugarboo Designs.

Neutrality and Presence

Sugarboo Designs

Sugarboo Designs offer items that can fade into the background of a neutral palette and design scheme or create a presence in a space with color and brilliance. There is a definite leaning towards rustic style yet there is a sophistication to the decor items that surpasses the usual folksy look.

Mass Appeal, Unique Creations

The ideas behind the creations can keep up with many interior schemes from light and breezy coastal designs to country charm and lofty living in condos -- to historical elegance in heritage homes. Wall art is distinct and impactful. It offers focal points and subtle design detail. Pillows are comfortable (so comfortable) with homey designs and loving commentary about family life. There's a familiarity about the items because of the materials used that does not take away from the truly unique creativity of each piece.

Shabby Chic

The shabby chic trend was created due to a demand for affordable home decor items as well as a desire to help save the planet. Sustainability plays a key role in home design and holds much importance to many homeowners today.

There is a desire to find products for every aspect of our life that will reduce our carbon footprint without taking away from our love of art, individuality or the need to express ourselves. Sugarboo Designs takes the premise of shabby chic to create green home decor that speaks not only to a homeowners sense of style, but to their eco-conscious minds as well.

Southern Comfort

Sugarboo Designs

Founded by a Georgia mom, Rebecca Puig, Sugarboo Designs is all about good old fashioned southern comfort and hospitality. Puig, Sugarboo's main designer, likes to juxtapose old and new and uses her love of the planet, family and animals to come up with her folk-inspired art. Her commentary appears in many of her pieces and welcomes visitors into homes while reminding loved ones of how much they are needed and appreciated.

Find Sugarboo Designs at Charley & Co. in Capitola

At Charley & Co., owner and interior designer Starley Bullard-Moore embraced the feel of Puigs southern comfort. Sugarboo Designs aptly represent Starley's goal to source earth-friendly items for her home decor and gift shop. If you would like to discover the beauty of Sugarboo Designs, visit Starley at her Capitola Village shop or online at