Retro Revival Brings Back Wood and Metal Wall Art January 20 2015, 0 Comments

Reclaimed wood and metal wall art

The hit show Mad Men has influenced many aspects of modern design including fashion, appliances and home decor. There has even been a reappearance of retro cocktails, lounge music and hairstyles. One of the design details that is making a big comeback is wood and metal wall art.

We've been so focused on large mirrors and heavy black-framed black & white photos that we've missed out on the three dimensional appeal of more sculptured pieces created with materials like wood and metal. Adding to this rising trend is the desire to use sustainable or reusable materials to create home decor items - it's sort of like where Mad Men meets sustainability and eco-friendly materials.

Statement Pieces

Metal wall art is a mid-century modern design detail that has resurfaced in many homes today. Much of the metal wall art of that time reflected elements of nature -- especially branches, leaves and trees. There were also elements such as birds in flight and butterflies. This art offered an ethereal touch to living spaces and created a focal point over mantels, beds and sofas. There was also often a 3-D design to such pieces which could be reshaped and repositioned using bendable thick wire. These statement pieces offered a sculptural art piece to living spaces bringing the modern art of the time into the mainstream.

Contemporary Art

reclaimed wood and metal wall art

Todays wood and metal wall art takes its cues from vintage pieces, but it has also struck out on its own. Capitola Village artist Starley Bullard-Moore uses locally sourced reclaimed wood and metal to create whimsical wall art that takes its inspiration from folk art and imagery. Familiar retro icons such as hearts and peace signs make an interesting accent piece in any space. The rich colors in painted detail are ideal for any design scheme -- from urban modern to rustic country.

Indoor and Outdoor Appeal

Wood and metal wall art is appearing in both interior and exterior design schemes. In many cases, outdoor pieces become even more weather-worn and interesting with the appearance of rust or a sun-faded look that can take years to develop. Metal and wood can withstand the forces of nature and acquire stunning patinas with exposure to wind, sun and rain. Starley sources wood and metal that have formed their own unique character that she discovers in old work yards, local wineries and docks. She is able to look at the materials she sources and then create a new life for them in her wall art.

Creating Vignettes

reclaimed wood and metal wall art

Modern wood and metal wall art can be used to create interesting vignettes on larger walls in your home. They can be grouped to create displays and collections and can be even more impactful - with like pieces that are hung to form a grid. You can combine metal and wood pieces to create a gallery feel and use them in unusual positions -- such as along a bulk head in the kitchen, leaning on bookshelves or positioned on a mantel.

Past, Present and Future

Starley looks at her work from many different perspectives. She uses materials from the past to create art pieces for the future with outstanding craftsmanship that is built to last. She cannot be pegged down to any one style and is constantly changing and reinventing her sense of design. She is influenced by the materials she discovers and the ideas that those materials conjure up in her creative eye.

Starley's unique collection of reclaimed wood and metal wall art is available in the online shop, or you can stop by the Charley Co. store located in Capitola Village.