Charley & Co.'s New Capitola Village Store - Coming Soon! January 23 2015, 0 Comments

Capitola Village Shop

For a person like Starley Bullard-Moore, it might seem difficult to imagine tearing down a building that is over 100 years old. However, when she heard that a small duplex that had sat at the foot of the train trestle bridge in Capitola Village was condemned, she knew that she could help preserve its history by building a new structure that would honor the history that had taken place there.

Last summer, Starley said a bittersweet farewell to the little duplex that sat at that historic location on Capitola Avenue as she watched its familiar facade crumble before her. As the house was razed to the ground, Starley could see the place that would become the new home for Charley & Co., bringing a new life to the property.

Red Tagged

capitola village store

Back in 2011 the little home was red tagged due to floods that had caused too much structural damage to allow for repairs. Starley saw a building with over 100 years of history about to lose its rightful place in Capitola Village, the place it had called home for over a century. The story inspired her to put in an offer knowing she would not be able to save the home. However, she knew she would be able to replace it with a building that would honor its history and the heritage of Capitola Village.

"There was a point during the fall of the building when I was struck with sorrow as it fell down like match sticks with the help of the demolition backhoe," Starley confessed. "I grasped a life lesson firmer than I ever had before. This life we each have is fleeting. The world most definitely will continue turning long after we are gone. It is up to us to make this time the absolute best we can and leave something good when we depart!" 

Moving Forward

capitola village store

Starley worked with designer Derek Van Alstine who has over 30 years experience designing and remodeling homes and buildings in the Santa Cruz area. His vision matched that shared by Starley. They developed a design that took its inspiration from the same facade as the original structure with the addition of a two story tower at the back of the building.

The story speaks to the resilience of Capitola Village and its a ability to come back after the flooding. Starley comments about the floods, "...after a couple of years and a lot of hard work, Capitola Village was hustling and bustling once again. The average visitor would never have guessed such a catastrophic event had happened, which speaks highly to the very nature of the people who call Capitola home." 

Charley & Co. 

Starley's shop Charley & Co. has been located just up the street from the construction site at 515 Capitola Avenue since May 25, 2012. Starley's award winning business offers unique home decor items as well as her own custom designed reclaimed wood furniture. With a background in interior design, Starley is able to create stunning pieces designed to meet the unique needs of her clients. 

It is Starley's hope that she will open the doors at her new location in the early spring of 2015 and continue to provide her customers with the same artfully created home decor items and custom reclaimed furniture she has been providing for over two years.

The new Charley Co. will do the village of Capitola proud, and it will be my own personal little welcome to all of those who have chosen to spend some time with us here! - Starley. 

For more information pop in to her shop or check out all the unique home decor in the online shop.

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