Reclaimed Wood Bedroom Furniture January 29 2015, 0 Comments

reclaimed wood bedroom furniture

Decorating your bedroom is perhaps one of the most important projects in your home. You want to createa haven to retire to in the evening -- and a pleasant and inspired room to wake up to each morning! Custom-designed reclaimed wood bedroom furniture can be the perfect inspiration to create a relaxing and comforting space you can use as your personal retreat.

A Sense of Artistry

Starley Bullard-Moore has been creating custom designed furniture using reclaimed materials for many years. She has a gift for discovering the hidden beauty that will meet the needs of her clients. She uses reclaimed wood as an inspiration for her work. She then develops custom reclaimed wood bedroom furniture perfectly suited to the style of the home, the configuration of the room and the lifestyle needs of her clients. This is easy for her as she is not only an expert craftsman, but also an experienced interior decorator.

History and Character

reclaimed wood bedroom furniture

Reclaimed wood bedroom furniture adds an instant sense of history and character to bedrooms. The wood has been naturally aged and perfectly seasoned for strength not only in character but also in resilience and durability. Your furniture can be created to highlight the naturally aged patina of wood that's weather-worn - or sanded down and stained to the tone and color of your choice. The history behind the wood tells a story and adds character to a room, providing the perfect jumping off point for your creative inspiration.

Modern or Rustic 

Many people hear the words reclaimed wood and instantly envision it being rustic furniture that's better suited to a country design. However, custom reclaimed wood bedroom furniture can be designed to match your personal sense of style or any modern space!

For example: slats of wood can be configured to create a modern, sleek platform style bed or to design a headboard and foot board thats reflective of the wood's original use. Inspiration can be found in anything from palettes to docks -- from barn doors to sheds. Using the history of the wood as inspiration can reflect an industrial edginess, especially when combining wood with other reclaimed materials like metal. Starley is able to use her innate sense of esthetics to hone in on the most appealing aspects of the wood and bring out the true beauty of these weather-worn materials. 

Rebirth and Regeneration 

An important aspect of reclaimed wood bedroom furniture is the opportunity to breath new life into old items. You can complement a custom bed with other reclaimed materials and items that can be re-purposed from their original use. Starley can take items such as old wine casks and turn them into charming bedside tables. The addition of a glass or stainless steel tabletop can add an instant modern or industrial edge.

reclaimed wood bedroom furniture

You can also look in your own home for items to bring to Starley for a chance at regeneration. A myriad of items -- from an old doorstop, to torn-out kitchen cabinets salvaged during renovations, to a garden shed or deck on the verge of collapse -- stunning custom reclaimed wood bedroom furniture is waiting to be discovered! Starley's discerning eye and your desire to create a welcoming bedroom oasis will provide the creativity needed to develop furniture with purpose and style. 


Reclaimed wood can also be used to create built-ins such as charming window seats, desks and storage areas. You can have a one-of-a-kind feature in your bedroom custom-designed to tie your entire room together. 

Starley can create the perfect bedroom retreat using reclaimed bedroom furniture that is customized to suit your taste and budget. Visit her Capitola Village shop Charley & Co. to view her work, or learn more about her custom design wood furniture below!

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