Reclaimed Barn Wood Furniture February 17 2015, 0 Comments

Barn wood furniture provides a unique opportunity to add historically significant furniture to your home without the need to commit to an "antique". Reclaimed barn wood furniture uses naturally aged and sourced wood taken from historical buildings and structures. These unique materials are then designed into custom, hand-crafted pieces with modern finesse. The history exists in the wood itself, which is re-purposed, to tell its own story.

Locally Sourced Wood

Consider the buildings throughout Santa Cruz, CA and the surrounding area. From barns to docks, old warehouses to wineries - as these building age beyond repair they provide a unique and wondrous resource for wood that has been aged for as long as a century.

Artist and designer Starley Bullard-Moore has discovered the stories and character of reclaimed barn wood, as well as the significance those stories have for her clients. In most cases settlers and pioneers across America were forced to use the materials available in their immediate area to build their homes, property structures and eventually towns. This wood has historic significance and was sourced from local old-growth forests and trees.

Much of the wood she uses to create her barn wood furniture has lived and breathed the California sun and air for hundreds of years -- first as a tree, and then as a structure that helped mold the history of the local area. This wood has significance particularly to those whose families have made a living in the area for many generations. 

reclaimed barn wood furniture

Creating New Stories

This beautifully patinated wood provides a unique finish and character that is impossible to mimic, even with today's modern techniques. This is what gives reclaimed barn wood its beautiful look and unmatchable finish. The beauty of this wood is that you can use it in any way you wish. Because it has been perfectly aged and wizened by nature, it has a strength that cannot be found in new timber. You can choose to use it in its natural state or sand it and refinish it in any number of stains to accent the natural grain. You can also find wood that still has hints of the original paint in perfectly faded white wash, interesting blue tones and of course barn board red. 

Distinct Style 

Starley works with a number of inspirations to guide her when creating each piece of barn wood furniture. She considers the history of the wood, the story it is telling in its new form and also the needs of her clients. Starley is a true artisan who seems to effortlessly repurpose these materials to develop stunning pieces -- from tables to benches -- and items that work both indoors and out.

As with any artist, Starley has a distinct style that she calls "urban rust". It has modern sensibilities that work well in a high-rise condo or loft, but also feels at home in a country home or Victorian row house. 

History Meets the Future

Barn wood furniture allows you to take a part of history, bring it into the present, and then eventually into the future as a family heirloom. Wood steeped in history combined with new design by Starley provides you a one-of-a-kind piece that can be passed on from generation to generation. It comes with an intriguing story about the origins of the materials and the rediscovery of its new life. 

If you are interested in creating your own unique piece of history with modern subtleties and rustic charm learn more about Starley's custom reclaimed wood and interior designs.