Capitola Village Unique Gifts & Home Decor February 23 2015, 0 Comments

unique home decor and gifts capitola village

Capitola Village was founded by German immigrant, Frederick Hihn. His strict view on the use of the land first focused on lumber and industry. However, his lease of beachfront land to businessman Samuel Hall led to prime real estate becoming available to campers along the coast.

Hihn's appreciation for vacation and recreation won him over and he invested in the development of small parks, charming gardens and attractions that helped grow Capitola Village into the lovely resort town it is today. The development of the area depended on local timber that was meticulously selected and cut from the surrounding hillsides.

That wood is still seen on buildings, wharves and structures today. However, it is also being salvaged and reclaimed to craft eco-friendly, one-of-a-kind custom furniture by local Capitola resident, Starley Bullard-Moore.

Repurposing Materials 

Starley has discovered a way to help maintain the areas beauty by reducing the use of new lumber today. She uses locally sourced reclaimed wood and materials to craft her custom-made furniture. Starley's inspired works and charming sophas have won awards for her keen eye as an interior designer. She has built her reputation by establishing the best gift and home decor shop in Capitola Village. 

Strength and Beauty 

Reclaimed wood offers a unique patina, as well as added strength, due to its natural aging. Decades, sometimes over a century, of exposure to sun and the elements develops the perfect balance in the wood.

Reclaimed wood can be salvaged from any number of structures from docks, wharves and palettes to barns, factories and wineries. Starley reaps the beauty of days gone by, from both industry and homes, to create unique, one-of-a-kind items that her customers truly appreciate. Her line of lovely home decor items use salvaged wine casks from local wineries to craft beautiful serving trays ideal for entertaining. 

Starley also creates custom furniture and carries wall art that incorporates reclaimed wood and metal. She describes her design style as urban rust and can easily adapt her style to the changing needs of her clients. 

Stop by Charley & Co. in Capitola Village to discover where history meets contemporary art!