Capitola Furniture: Custom Designs by Starley Bullard-Moore February 26 2015, 0 Comments

capitola furniture

Every home has that one corner of a room, spot in the hall or interesting wall that screams out for a more distinct piece of furniture or decor. When your home needs something a little more personalized, custom designed furniture can complete a room and tell the story about who you are. Designer and artist Starley Bullard-Moore crafts custom-designed Capitola furniture from reclaimed materials. Her custom designs are developed using her clients' direction and vision, combined with her artistic skills. The result is a one-of-a-kind piece that's needed to complete a room.

Urban Rust

Starley refers to her line of custom Capitola furniture as "urban rust". Her sense of aesthetics is a unique balance between the rustic charm of reclaimed wood materials combined with a hint of edginess that adds sophistication.

Her furniture is just as comfortable in an urban loft or condo as it is in a Capitola beach home. She achieves this look using perfectly aged, patinaed reclaimed wood as well as metal to create unique accent pieces like shelves, benches and tables. Each piece completes a room with a defining exclamation of authenticity. She works with her clients to achieve the ideal size, choice of materials and sense of aesthetics to meet taste and budget.

Reclaimed Beauty

Starley hand picks her reclaimed wood from Crossroads Lumber in North Fork, California. They offer a rare selection of old-growth lumber that was harvested from forests in various parts of the United States. This means that the cut of the wood is not only wider, but the planking is also perfectly aged and seasoned for sturdiness and beauty.They source their reclaimed wood throughout the western states from historically significant buildings and structures.

Starley then treats the wood in a number of ways; however, the weather-worn beauty can speak for itself with its tones of grays and browns that have been perfectly faded by the sun. The wood can also be brushed to enhanced the grain, or sanded to a smooth and refined finish that's ready to be stained to the rich tone of your choice.

Expressing yourself through Starley's unique Capitola furniture allows you to create a welcome retreat for comfortable living.