Capitola Gifts: The Art of Gifting March 02 2015, 0 Comments

capitola giftsGifts are given to mark milestones, celebrate special occasions and on a whim -- just because. At Charley & Co., we understand that there are three special talents to the art of gift giving: listening, intuition and snooping. You can develop your gift-gifting talents by honing in on these skills!


When it comes to giving, nothing works better than listening to hear what a loved one might want or need. Whenever you are out and about, shopping with friends, chatting over a glass of wine or visiting someone in their home, you'll find hints for gift ideas everywhere.

You can touch someone deeply with a gift that they really want or need by paying attention to the things they admire. It might be a little bench or stool they mentioned needing for a den, a comment about being stressed, or even pointing out an inspirational art piece that they spotted in a shop window.

At Charley & Co., excellent choices for little indulgences that people never seem to buy for themselves are plentiful. They look for "fun, funky and functional" gift ideas that will let people see how much they mean to you. You can hunt down a stool, buy a relaxing aromatherapy candle or pop back to the shop and buy that art piece.


The beauty of gift shopping is that it allows you to choose a gift that will show how well you know them. Hunt for little clues in their home that will help you find the perfect gift. It might be an empty wall in the kitchen, a chair that cries out for a little pillow or a bathroom that needs a pretty candle. You can also snoop around Charley & Co. to see what shouts "gift".


When you really know someone you will often intuitively spot something that they will love. Popping into shops they frequent, flipping through magazines they love to read and just looking around a room in their home can help to bring inspiration. Whimsical wall art, charming home decor and unique items are ideal for entertaining -- and are just some of the gift ideas that will wake up your gifting instincts. Charley & Co. can help you channel your inner gift giver with inspired little indulgences that are designed to please.

Drop into Charley & Co. to discover the perfect selection of unique, thoughtful Capitola gifts -- appropriate for any occasion.