Charley & Co. Completes the Look of Home Featured on Houzz March 11 2015, 0 Comments

interior design capitolaLocal artist and interior designer Starley Bullard-Moore has been lending her professional expertise to help homeowners find the finishing touches to complete a space. Her unique and one of a kind home furnishings were recently mentioned in an article appearing on internationally acclaimed home decor website Houzz. The Santa Cruz home of artist couple Sarah and Pasquale Bianco features items hand-picked from Starley's Capitola Village shop, Charley & Co.

Tannery Arts Center, Santa Cruz

The couple's home is located in the coveted Tannery Arts Center in Santa Cruz. The couple actually camped out in the parking lot in order to secure tenant spaces in the building that they now call home. As artists, they were excited about the prospect of living in a building that showcases art shows throughout the year. As two of the first hopefuls in the door, the couple was able to secure a two-bedroom apartment and couldn't wait to start making it their own.

Studio Style

Sarah has an art studio across from the Tannery and was basing her new apartment's interior design scheme on the same earthy, warm tones and industrial edge she created there. One of the items that truly completes the look of Sarah's studio is a rustic desk she discovered at Charley & Co.

This piece of furniture is a perfect example of Starley's "urban rust" sensibility. Seamlessly combining the rustic, casual feel of country-inspired pieces with the edgier side of industrial-style modern lofts. The desk has tapered legs, a single drawer and naturally worn paint that complements the rough, raw look of the studio.

Open Concept, Open Mind

At first, Sarah and Pasquale were a little thrown by the open-concept layout of their new home. However, in time, they began to appreciate the space and its capacity for great design. There is a distinct, eco-shabby-chic feel to their apartment that was achieved by mixing their eclectic finds from shops, travels, garage sales and even a piece they salvaged from the side of the road.

Effortless Comfort

Sarah likes her home to be naturally comfortable without an overly designed look. To accomplish this, she creates effortless spaces like her cozy living room that's complete with a large overstuffed white couch, a warm red Persian rug and an industrial reclaimed wood coffee table from Charley & Co. In the article, Sarah states that Charley & Co. is one of her favorite places to shop.

If you love the look of Sarah and Pasquale's home, find out how Starley can help you create a magic interior design for your home.interior design san francisco