Wine Staves Designs: Reclaimed Wood Barrels March 30 2015, 0 Comments

The use of sustainable and recycled materials in home decor and furnishings has opened up a whole new perspective on how we look at common objects. In the custom-designed home decor shop Charley & Co. in Capitola Village, designer and artist Starley Bullard-Moore has discovered the beauty and flexibility of the humble wine stave. The Wine Stave Designs collection provide interesting home decor items such as candle holders and wine racks with a rustic sensibility that has made them a popular touch in many California homes.

Wine Staves, You Say?

Wine Barrel Lazy SusanA stave is a narrow strip of wood most commonly used to create containers, especially barrels, used in wine making. They are held together, usually with a metal hoop, to form a keg or barrel -- and in some cases with a thick, strong cording of rope. They have become a popular salvaged item sought after by artists, furniture designers and even homeowners seeking the naturally aged patina of the wood. Over time, while serving as vessels for storing and aging spirits, wine staves obtain distinct features and qualities that add to their character.

Wine Stave Designs

The beauty of wine staves is their pre-ordained curve that happens naturally in the barrel making process. They often have a deep purple stain that some designers maintain, whereas others choose to enhance the age of the wood with a deeper stain. The curving of the wood lends itself well to a number of household items. The wine stave wine rack adds a sense of authenticity to the stave's new purpose, as well as an artistic design that's modern, yet carries a sense of history. It sits seven bottles perfectly.


Wine Staves Designs - Candle HolderThe natural curve of the wood is also the perfect place to nestle tea lights, creating a table top candle holder for three to five candles. The candle holders cast dancing shadows that are ideal for entertaining. The narrow strip of wood takes up a modest space on a table laden with food and wine -- and is also low enough to make eye contact across the table.

You can discover more of Wine Stave Designs in the online shop or contact us at Charley & Co. to get more specific information. We look forward to seeing you at our new location at 401 Capitola Ave. in late May, 2015.