Reclaimed Wood Meets Nature with Dryads Dancing March 31 2015, 0 Comments

Despite modern times, more and more people are being drawn to a laid back, rustic look in their homes. There is a certain cozy aspect to rustic spaces that brings simpler times to mind and helps to set us at ease. Creating spaces that are designed to reduce stress, invite you to snuggle down, read or chat takes many different elements -- from comfy furniture to relevant art and decor. The trend toward reclaimed materials includes upcycled wall art that can be found in the online shop of charley & co. We have discovered the Dyrads Dancing line, which makes it easy for homeowners to add charming touches of rustic art to their space. 

Reclaimed Song Birds

Reclaimed Wood - Song BirdsMany rustic pieces focus on nature for their subject matter, including rooster and hen collections in country kitchens. However, nature can be used in more subtle and classic ways to create a more sophisticated feel for your space. Dryads Dancing has many unique nature-inspired pieces that provide a touch of rural charm without being too literal. A collection of pretty song birds can be positioned in a friendly cluster or placed in different areas of the room to create subtle changes. This interesting group of three song birds is whimsical and thoughtful and inspires a relaxed feeling. When placed together they appear chatty, and even conspiratorial. The song birds contain a sense of irony as they are actually perched upon reclaimed wood taken from piano keys.

Reclaimed Wood Leads to Ocean Spray

Reclaimed Wood WhaleOther nature-inspired pieces at charley & co. include reclaimed wood whales that provide the perfect weather-worn look for coastal homes. There is a familiar look to these folk-inspired pieces that can be used both indoors and out to bring a rustic feel with a unique personality sure to inspire smiles.

Contemporary Options

Dryads Dancing pieces have become more contemporary due to their current popularity. Often a design trend is inspired by past influences, yet still has a contemporary feel as they are included in the homes of today. Dryads Dancing is also modern due to their respect for the environment and desire to repurpose reclaimed materials to create inspired artwork. 

Rustic spaces are easier to create using country touches. Dryads Dancing create a unique, whimsical look using reclaimed materials to create interesting home decor items.Visit charley & co. to discover Dryads Dancing wall decor today! SHOP FOR DRYADS DANCING