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There is something magical about old, wooden buildings. Barns, outbuildings and homes constructed of solid, natural materials that were built by hand during a time when things were done more slowly and deliberately.

Back then, the wood used to raise barns was harvested from old-growth trees. Because of this, and due to the weathering that this wood has withstood over time, this lumber is of a denser, sturdier quality that you reclaimed wood kitchen tablecan actually see or feel. At Charley & Co. we recognize the inherent beauty of the wood that was used to create the barns and buildings of yesteryear. And although custom designed furniture using barnwood and reclaimed wood from other structures may be a relatively new trend, it's one that will no doubt gain momentum and longevity. Today, it is clear that sustainability is essential to create a more environmentally friendly world. But beyond that, reclaimed materials put us in touch with our history, and lend a nostalgic beauty to our surroundings. Custom-designed furniture captures that nostalgia perfectly. Rustic, beautiful pieces, handcrafted and designed to last, made from wood that is dense, sturdy and aged to perfection. Charley & Co. creates this custom barnwood furniture using wood sourced from the best and most beautiful reclaimed materials. Tables, butcher blocks, benches, boxes and custom pieces for both residential and commercial use can be built using sourced barnwood lumber.

To make your own custom barnwood furniture even more beautiful and special, you also have the option to source your own wood. This may come from a barn or other structure that belongs to you or someone else in your family. Designing a piece of furniture is an amazing opportunity to take a bit of your family history and bring it into your home. It can be sad to tear down a now-defunct old barn or building to clear space or rebuild, but the ability to re-purpose the materials can bring an opportunity to use them in a functional and unexpected way.

That old barn door from your childhood can become a kitchen table, a butcher block, a swing, or a chest to hold your treasured memories.

Of course, you don't have to source your own wood, but it is an option that can add an even more magical dimension to your custom furniture.

Charley & Co. specializes in custom furniture design using reclaimed materials and creating gorgeous, functional designs for your home. Click here or the image below to learn more about custom furniture design by Starley Bullard-Moore.

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