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reclaimed wood furniture in the bay area

The furniture you choose for your home is a reflection of your tastes, your values and your needs. You may not think of your furniture on a daily basis, but you live with it every day, and it influences your activities and your experience when you are at home.

Shopping For A New Kitchen Table?

Memories are made around the kitchen table. The table is where you start your day with breakfast and coffee, where you catch up with family in the evening. It is often the place where decisions are made and where news is shared. It is also where families gather during the holidays to enjoy those special meals together.

Such an important piece of furniture deserves to be something special and enduring. If you are looking for a table to see you through years of everyday moments and momentous occasions, why not choose a reclaimed wood furniture piece that is full of character, history and style?

Charley & Co. creates custom-designed reclaimed wood furniture for folks in and around the bay area that adds warmth and beauty to a home. These are one-of-a-kind pieces that are lovingly handcrafted using the finest aged wood.

Why Buy Reclaimed Wood Furniture?

Today, more than ever, it is important to create products using sustainable practices. It is not only better for the environment, it is also better for our families. Reclaimed wood is unique because the wood has been harvested from old-growth trees, giving the wood a lovely grain that you simply don't see in new wood. It possesses a superior density and an aged patina that lends character, as well as strength.

Charley & Co. sources only the highest quality wood and creates lovely pieces of furniture that will complement a variety of decors. In addition, you may source your own wood, perhaps from an old building or barn from your family property that allows you to bring some of your own history to the piece. 

If you are looking for reclaimed wood furniture in the Bay Area, look no further than Charley & Co. In addition to kitchen tables, you will find plenty of other furniture and decor items, many from reclaimed wood, metal and handmade sources. 

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