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When you think of reclaimed wood furniture, what comes to mind? Most likely you conjure images of rustic, country style. While this is often the case, at Charley & Co., modern reclaimed wood furniture is also a part of the picture.

Quality Modern Design is Enduring & Sophisticated

There are many reasons to create modern furniture using reclaimed wood.Sustainable practices are gaining steam in all areas of building and design. It's not just about conserving natural resources, or reducing waste. It is also about reducing the environmental damage that results from modern manufacturing processes, as well as limiting energy consumption.

Sourcing quality recycled materials and handcrafting them into usable products not only gives new life to previously existing items and reduces consumption, it reduces the use of chemicals that are commonly used in making products like home furnishings and decor.


When you choose a custom-designed piece of furniture using reclaimed materials, you are helping to create a healthier environment.

Vintage Goes Modern for the Eco-Conscious

But what if your tastes are not rustic? What if you prefer clean, modern designs? You are in luck, because at Charley & Co. you can find a wide range of designs, including modern reclaimed wood furniture and home-accent items.

Good modern design isn't trendy, it's classic, and will stand the test of time. It's clean and versatile, and without the added fluff of other types of design. Often, when people think of modern design, they mistakenly think of poorly-made furnishings with cheap materials that are here today, gone tomorrow.

About The Materials

There is something uniquely beautiful about reclaimed wood. Older buildings, such as barns, make great sources for the wood used in Charley & Co. designs. The dense, finely grained wood harvested from older growth trees is something you simply won't find in most of today's modern furniture. Each piece is unique and creates enduring, beautiful designs. Reclaimed metal is also used to create furnishings and both modern- and vintage-inspired accent pieces.

If you are looking for modern reclaimed wood furniture you can visit Charley & Co.'s Capitola store or click the button below to make an appointment to discuss creating a custom-designed piece of furniture. Some of the pieces created with reclaimed materials include kitchen tables, coffee tables, benches, swings and butcher blocks.

If you love clean yet classic modern design that is built to last and to get better with age, consider commissioning a custom design with Charley & Co.

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