Custom Furniture Design: The Next Step in Eco-Friendly Living June 08 2015, 0 Comments

Taking The Next Step In Energy Efficiency And Eco-Friendly Living

custom-furniture-design-is-eco-friendlyIf you have recently built or upgraded your home using energy-efficient products, or reclaimed building materials, you are contributing to a growing trend that is not only better for our environment, but also beautiful, sustainable and smart. With that said, you can take further steps to complement the beauty and function to your home with custom furniture design by Starley Bullard-Moore.

Modern-day furniture manufacturing processes can not only harm the environment at large, but can also affect the health of your indoor home environment. Furniture upholstery can give off harmful chemical fumes, and so can painted surfaces. Many materials on the market today are simply not healthy or sustainable.

Custom Furniture Design - The Sustainable Solution

Custom furniture design that utilizes reclaimed and natural materials is not only beautiful, but is also healthy and good for the environment.

Using quality materials to fashion beautiful, stylish and unique pieces of furniture and art makes sense today. Not only that, but these designs offer a distinctive look that you simply won't find in a mass market product.

No matter what your personal style, whether it be classic, clean and modern or rustic and cozy, you can make reclaimed and natural custom furniture design a part of your ongoing commitment to eco-friendly living.


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