Industrial Reclaimed Wood Furniture June 24 2015, 0 Comments

industrial-reclaimed-wood-furnitureCustom-designed furniture made to reflect your style, personality and values takes on even more meaning and beauty when it is made with quality reclaimed materials. If you have considered custom designed furniture, you no doubt have thought about your style, space needs and how it will fit in with existing furnishings. But, have you thought about what you want your piece to be made of?

If you are thinking wood, then what kind of wood? No matter if your style is rustic, classic, modern or eclectic, industrial reclaimed wood furniture can be a stunning choice.

Reclaimed Wood Is Eco-Friendly

You probably know that many homes are being built or remodeled these days with reclaimed industrial wood, metals and other materials. This is good on so many levels. From a conservation standpoint, using reclaimed materials means that new raw products don't have to be used or manufactured. This doesn't just conserve resources, this also cuts down on the energy costs needed to produce and manufacture these materials.

The same principles that apply to reclaimed materials used for building and remodeling homes also applies to furnishings. More and more people are turning to these materials to create beautiful, durable and eco-friendly home furnishings and decor.

Industrial Reclaimed Wood Furniture Is Beautiful

You will see the difference in the look of the wood right away. The tight, dense grain structure and patina adds strength, depth and character. This is the way wood looked long ago, and where the phrase "They don't build them like they used to" came from. And, they usually don't. Items made with new materials simply can't stand up to these. But, when you use reclaimed wood to custom-design and handcraft a piece of furniture, it is the way it used to be -- only better because it's yours.

The Best Of Both Worlds

Whether you are looking for a kitchen table worthy of family meals and holiday feasts, or a coffee table, bench or butcher block, Charley & Co. can provide a design that suits your home and your lifestyle beautifully.

Industrial reclaimed wood furniture brings sustainable, responsible practices into your home so that you can feel good about your space.

Instead of mass-produced, commercially manufactured furnishings that are made with chemicals and lower quality materials, consider investing in a piece of furniture that is not only functional and beautiful, but also good for you, your family, and the planet.

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