Charley's Picks - Reclaimed Shoe Mold Wall Hook & Spiral Angel February 03 2016, 0 Comments

If you are looking for the perfect accessory for your home, or the unique gift for someone special who has unique tastes, then HomArt and Dryad's Dancing are two brands that are definitely worth a look. 

HomArt is a company that's based in California; its products are inspired by California living and architecture. Their one-of-a-kind products promote green living and the sustainability of our planet.

Dryad's Dancing creates beautiful works from reclaimed materials. Their products are uniquely their own, and add a touch of rustic warmth and whimsy to the home.

These two Charley's Picks are sure to delight!

HomArt Reclaimed Shoe Mold Wall Hook

Created from reclaimed shoe molds, HomArt Shoe Moldthis shoe mold wall hook is a unique and functional piece that makes for a good conversation starter! These are not replicas, and each piece is unique with it's own character.



Dryad's Dancing Spiral Angel

This Angel is made from reclaimed wood and metal. Each is a unique and original work of art, perfect for gift giving all year round.

Check out the Charley & Co. website for more pieces from Dryad's Dancing, as well as the many other works created from natural, reclaimed and re-purDryad's Dancing Spiral Angelposed materials. Here you will find a wealth of gift ideas, items for the home and unique works of art. And, be sure to ask about having a custom piece of furniture hand made.

Stay tuned for more Charley's Picks each week!